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Feeling naughty last night

Wisconsin Cougar

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Let me set the scene, its early morning Saturday I am in a Hotel in Dallas on a business trip, a manufactures show and after arriving yesterday and setting up the booth i checked into the Hotel and showered and laying in bed naked i called my husband and was hoping he knew someone that could spend the evening with me. We often turn each other on to our traveling friends. He said let me call you back, after 10 minutes he called back and said yea i have a friend that isnt doing anything tonight and will meet you in the Hotel lobby at 6:00, he is black and built and i would enjoy myself. I thanked him and got dressed or at least partially and went to the lobby and was pleasently surprised how good looking he was.

We went into the bar and had a drink and we talked about how he knew my husband and learned these 2 have been friends for a long time. He said he too was Bi and loved their encounters. He works for the same engineering firm my husband works for so they see each other every couple of months. He says you need some company tonight and did i like what i saw, yes i said. we paid the tab and went to my room and i was impressed how respectful and kind he was. As our conversation turned naughty he said ever had black cock before, yes a couple times back home. He got off the couch grabbed my hand and guided to his belt and i undressed him and what popped out scared me alittle. This guy was hung like no other, i said i doubt that thing is going to fit, he smiled and said never know until we try. I got as much of his cock into my mouth as i could and after undressing me we were 69ing and he ate me like a pro, and i was so wet i wanted his cock bad and once he got it in, oh my fucking god he was gentle but firm in his movements and said sorry honey im going to lose it your pussy is so hot and i said we have all night so let it go. His fat throbbing cock unloaded and it was like a river. He pulled out and looked at me as if to say girl i aint done yet.

After some teasing and licking he was once again ready to ride and this time he was throwing me around the bed like a rag doll. After 30 minutes he let loose another load and i lost track of my orgasms. We were both spent and he fell off of me and i asked him if he could spend the night. He said yes he could but had to get up early and catch a flight. I fell asleep kissing his wonderful cock and slept with my head on his dick all night, i woke up to him getting up to go to the bathroom and watching him walk back to bed seeing his cock swinging back and forth i was instantly horned up again and i spread my legs as he went down on my now unshowered stink and ate me good before once again mounting me. He rode me hard and fast and said sorry girl i really have to go. He got dressed and left as i sit here my pussy aches and hurts alittle i can barely walk but it is a good hurt. We will definitely be inviting him to the farm. 

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