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Marvelous Bunny Clit Massager

Don't be confused! This is not what you think of when you think of a sex toy that's a rabbit!! This, my friends, IS The Marvelous Bunny!

I got it in my favorite color, a nice dark purple. I LOVE rechargeable toys, and this one also comes with its own USB cord (no plug). The box says it's easy to operate, and yes, it totally is easy to use.  There are only 2 buttons. One is the on/off, the other helps you find just the right vibe strength/pattern.....10 to choose from in all. And.....drumroll please.....it's waterproof!!

Silicone is really becoming the elite in sex toy materials, and this one doesn't disappoint with is soft smoothness. Making it easy to clean, and store. 

It's only the bunny "head". No face, just the head and ears. You hold on to the head, put those strongly (or softly) vibrating ears (one motor in each ear, BTW!!! Talk about power!) on your clit....in.....just.....that.....right......position......and your leg will go a'twitchin' with pleasure in no time!!! 

It's not very loud, and I just love the cute design, functionality, and that IT WORKS SO WELL!!!

4 out of 4 Tyger Paws WAAAAY up!!!!

Simply Marvelous

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