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Snowy Monday sex


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Sitting around yesterday watching the snow my wife started getting a little frisky. I said I think we need to have some play time. We both jumped in the shower and get ready for an afternoon of fun. For climb into bed I put on some p*** videos of threesomes with. Laying here watching and she said I think we need to get oiled up. So she started rubbing coconut oil on my balls and cock it was mixed with ylang ylang. I said I think you need to do then oil up the inside of my asshole and she just smiled and stuck her finger in my ass. I said okay now it's my turn to oil you up. I started rubbing some on her tits and as I was doing that I began nibbling on each nipple. And then proceeded to rub some on her clit and labia. She then said I think I need to have some inside of my ass as well and smiled at me. It's the first time she ever said anything like that. And then I suggested that we insert some toys and have fun playing with the remote while watching a video. She inserted a butt plug in me and a combination G-Spot clit vibrator in her. We proceeded to watch the video and then I suggested that I give her a massage. 

I had her lay on her stomach while I gave her a sexual hands on massage. I then added a vibrating wand to the massage and proceeded to give her a nice relaxing massage. I then had her turn over on her back. I started massaging her shoulders and her nipples all the while she kept changing the vibrations on my butt plug and I was changing the vibrations on her g-spot vibrator. At this point I straddled her and had my balls hang down just above her mouth. She raised her head slightly and suck my balls right in. At this point I bent over and started massaging her clit. She then put my cock in her mouth and I had thought okay I'll put my finger in her asshole being that it was already lubed. She was in such excitement that I was afraid she was going to bite my cock off. She started moaning and groaning and kept sucking me harder. I kept the vibrator going and worked my fingers back and forth in her asshole. We both came like crazy and then just rolled over and laid on the bed  totally exhausted from such intense orgasms. It was a great snowy Monday Morning 

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