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    while sitting on our porch watching thunderstorms roll in my wife pulled down my shorts and gave me a blowjob.
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    Butt plug and vibrating cock ring and my wife's remote g-spot vibrator that I get to control
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    Umpteen and growing
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    Fishing, hiking, playing softball and pickleball, and sex

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  1. Without a doubt .bCan't be watching porn while you're driving and masturbating.
  2. I guess Mary will be actually cumming for a visit.
  3. I totally agree, cirrus. I wish we could have one big naked coffee klatch.
  4. @Goodthings Small Package wish we were able to post pictures of our packages these days. I'm sure you don't live up to your forum name.
  5. 10 minutes! I wouldn't last more than a minute or two with her doing that on my cock
  6. It sure was better when we didn't have to cover up the good parts
  7. I thought I was going crazy when I couldn't find it. Thanks for clarifying
  8. I've been a naughty naughty boy. I need to be placed across your knees
  9. I wish we were able to see that inserted
  10. Your profile says you're from Mississippi but looks like you have a Texas Star hanging on your wall.
  11. That's one fine cock you have there.
  12. I agree with cirrus. Go to either of those sites and you have your choice of whatever you want. Straight, gay, trans, kink, vanilla. Whatever turns you on
  13. I would love to bury my face between those beautiful ass cheeks of yours
  14. Kim, that's all the things that I like. And you're right about the sensitivity sometimes it is so sensitive around the head ofmy cock that I have to stop my wife from doing it for a while. I also like a little bit of nibbling on the underside of my cock. Not hard just playful little nibbles.
  15. Welcome. Thanks for sharing pictures of that awesome body of yours.
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