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TPR material?


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TPR is an acronym for Thermoplastic Rubber.

Similar is TPE, which is Thermoplastic Elastomer.

These are generic names that, in reality, can refer to a whole bunch of different blended materials, but they’re all going to be non-toxic. Some are advertised as being non-porous. But, if they’re soft & squishy, then they are probably porous. So, to be on the safe side, just assume these are all porous.

These toys also shouldn’t be stored touching other toys because material will break down over time,can stain, or even melt together (ew!), regardless of temperature in your toy storage container. And make sure all of your porous toys are completely dry before you store them to avoid mildew (yes, that can happen). Pat-drying won't get rid of all of the moisture, so give it time to air dry too. I recommend that you store any porous toys in their original packaging whenever possible. It helps keep them clean, lint-free, and stable.

TPR and TPE toys are best used with water-based lubricants. And whether silicone is OK, depends on the specific toy and manufacturer’s instructions. When in doubt, always go with water-based lubes. Remember, these can be a combination of different materials, and silicone, or silicone-sensitive materials can't be used with silicone lubes. Reputable companies will usually recommend a lube type on the packaging.

TPR and TPE toys can only be surfaced cleaned, not down in their pores. It's not for lack of trying, it's just physically impossible.....like your skin. You do the best that you can. They can’t be sterilized either, since, being a rubber/plastic based material, the can melt when placed in hot water. Use regular soap and water or a recommended toy cleaner, and inspect your porous toys for changes in the toy such as color changes, any sort of odor, or dark mold spots before using. After time, this is something that can happen, even with the best of cleanings and care. Personally, I recommend anti-bacterial liquid soap for any sex toy cleaning, just for an added touch of hygiene. 

Knowing what your sex toys are made of is very important. Especially if you have allergies to certain materials. This is good for your health and can also help prevent having to go to the doctor due to a reaction. If you are still in doubt, before purchasing, make note of the company that makes the toy, and contact them asking what the specifics are.

I hope that helps!!!

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