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Lori's Lapdance

Bob Long

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The other day I rolled in form being on the road most of the day and walk in the house and my wife is sitting at the counter in the kitchen sipping a glass of wine and looking through the mail we had our usually five minute long tongue kiss greeting and I walk to the frig and crack open a beer and sit next to her and asked  just like every day so baby how was your day. Oh, you know this and that about work this customer sucks owes us money, the girls are taking the new girl out for her birthday Friday night, I gave her a lap dance. Well the air brakes slammed on You did what I asked. She smiled her evil wicked grin, saying you heard me. I said ok lets have it I want to hear it all. (for those who are new to my stories my wife within the past few years got in touch with her Inner Lesbian as she calls it, exploring her deeply suppressed sexual urges to be with a woman)

 You remember me telling you we hired a new girl she started a month or two ago, the cute little blonde Jessie’s friend. Oh yeah, I told her not really sure but thinking I had better pay more attention when she talks work stuff. Well Jessy told us hey Chrissy is no longer jailbait she’s twenty one today. All the ladies were like oh congrats lets plan on getting together for a few cocktails this week, something they all do for any given reason anyway. So, my wife says yeah, we can take you to the strip club and get you a lap dance. Of course, all the girls got a kick out of this even Chrissy. Her response was my, my aren’t you the bad girl. Two of the women laughed and said you no idea how bad., which garnered an inquisitive oh tell me more from Chrissy. My wife just laughed and said one of these days I’ll tell you all about it over a few tequilas at happy hour. Her response was sounds like a plan, with that everyone broke up and went back to work. When five rolls around its like any other place there is a mass exodus and a flurry of asses heading out the door saying their goodbyes see you tomorrows. My wife is always the last one to leave being the boss/partner there is always something to do. Well Chrissy made it a point to be the last one in the office with Lori. My wife said what no mad dash to get the hell out of Dodge. Chrissy looked at her saying so what about that lap dance you promised? My wife looked up and said yeah, we’ll take you out like I promised and get you all fired up not a problem. Chrissy looked at her and said well I was hoping I’d get one from you. Now my wife is not one you ever want to play poker with, her mind is always moving at a thousand miles an hour, but she never lets on what’s she’s thinking always ten steps ahead.

She looks up at Chrissy drops her pen on the desk and says ok you’ve got my attention, Chrissy thinking she is the uber confident hot young one in an office full of older middle aged women says to my wife well you are gay, aren’t you? Lori smiles and say maybe. Chrissy says Oh come on I’m gay and I can tell I see how you look at women. Lori thinking ok Jess shot her mouth off and maybe told her to make her feel more comfortable or whatever. Lori looks at her and smiles and says yes, I love women, so you’ve got me. Chrissy says well how about it, I think your really beautiful actually hot and have one hell of a bangin  body for, hesitating Lori says for a woman my age its ok I’m fully aware I am not a twenty something anymore and don’t try and fool myself or other into thinking I am by dressing like a young kid. Chrissy said hell you always look smoking with that beautiful ass and toned legs and those Lori looks at her 38DD melons oh my girls, Yeah, your girls I would love to have tits like yours, I’ve dreamed about seeing what they really look like. Lori smiled her wicked laugh and said oh dreamed? Chrissy said oh I’ve masturbated thinking about them ok there I said it. Lori smiled at her and coyly said yes, I’ve heard that before as she unbuttoned one more button on her blouse teasing her young admirer. Chrissy eyes are now locked on to her tits, my wife asked her you know I have a daughter older than you are you sure you want a lap dance from an old lady like me. Chrissy broke off her gaze and said really! Is she as hot as you are?

Lori said she makes me look flat chested, Chrissy said wow can I get her number laughing. Lori stood up from her chair and said no she has a boyfriend, looking at her young friend she pointed to the front door, go lock it and come with me. She went to the door locked it and pulled on the doors to make sure they were locked. Lori stood there with her blouse fully unbuttoned and with her knee bent slightly to show off her leg in her leather miniskirt. Chrissy was all smiles and as she took Lori’s hand my wife said leave your bag out here no souvenir pictures. Chrissy had a look of minor disappointment as she pouted. Lori said not until I know you can be trusted, my rules. Without hesitation she lead her down the hall to her private office and locked the door behind them. As I’ve mentioned my wife is one shrewd lady. There are no visible security camera’s in her office, and she has control over them unlike all the rest in the building. Still not 100% convinced she puts her arms around Chrissy’s waist and says kiss me, thinking to herself if this is some sort of joke or dare from her friends this is where she’ll put the brakes on. Well Chrissy put her arms around Lori’s neck planting a long deep wet kiss on her lips, both they’re tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, their breathing quickened, and hands started exploring places on their bodies normally off limits. Probably more than your average lap dance a guy gets but hey this was a private dance.


 Lori pulled away much to Chrissy’s disapproval, she pointed an armless chair on the corner of the big office and commanded her to bring it to the center of the room. Lori stood there with her hands on her hips with her bra covered melons now on full display for her young friend, pointing and ordering her to sit. Just like she does with our dogs at home Chrissy knew the voice of authority and obediently sat down. Lori sauntered to the other side of the room shaking her nice round ass at Chrissy. She stopped and put on some music. She flipped around until she found some club or dance music whatever it’s call something, she could shake her ass to.

I can vouch for her ability to dance and wiggle her body as good as any stripper whose G -String I’ve gladly added donations too.

Lori began wiggling her ass  and shaking her tits to the music removing her blouse tossing it on her desk, she sauntered over to Chrissy bending over at the waist thrusting her ass outward and shook it looking over her shoulder saying unzip me, fully capable of doing it herself it was just her way of enticing her young friend. As Chrissy pulled the zipped all the way down, she playfully gave Lori a slap on her leather covered ass. Lori smiled and asking ok, so you like to spank me now do you. Chrissy smiled and nodded yes. Lori smiled and said good to know as she strutted back to the other side of the room. She wiggled her hips slightly tugging at her skirt slowly pulling it down until it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it with one foot and with the other caught it with the tip of her shoe and flipped it up in the air catching it. Looking at Chrissy saying not bad for al old broad, Chrissy clapped and said I’m impressed. Standing there in her matching purple and black satin and lace trimmed bra with matching panties garter belt and black silk stockings she was the vison of MILF hotness. Lori takes very good care of herself and all of her hard work in the gyms definitely shows. Chrissy would later comment on her beautiful lingerie and was enamored with her garter belt telling her it was so retro hot. Lori smiled and said I always dress to thrill.


 Lori is now swaying her ass and gyrating her hips and shaking her tits dances her way back to Chrissy and teases her by shaking her ass in her face and slowly lowering it to her lap but at the last minute pulling away. While recounting the details of her latest adventure her panties were clearly getting wet

She eventually lowered herself on to Chrissy’s lap and began grinding her ass into Chrissy’s crotch. Unlike the average lap dance Chrissy hand her hands all over Lori’s body eventually grabbing both of her tits. Lori took both her hands and pulled them away saying soft and gentile girl my girls love to be caressed not manhandled. Chrissy took up her titty play this time following her bosses’ instructions. Lori let out a soft moan and cooed oh now that’s what mamma likes your making my nipples ache. Lori now brought both her hands behind her back as if to unclasp her bra, but Chrissy gently pushed her hands aside saying allow me. The tension of her tits being held in place the entire day had just been released so much, so she let out a sigh saying oh thank you. She now stood up and so as to not allow her bra to fall free from her tits she held both of them wither hands as she danced to the other side of the room and back. She now straddled Chrissy facing her and wrapped her legs around the legs of the chair pulling herself in as close as she could, still gyrating and smashing her pussy into Chrissy’s. She now removed her bra completely and began twirling it around over her head swaying from side to side her massive melons swaying to and fro her now fully erect nipples begging to be licked and sucked.


She took her bra and placed it around the back of Chrissy’s neck and with both hands she pulled her in to her breast now with both hands she guided her new young friend to each of her big titties. This went on for several minutes when Lori began kissing her neck and sticking her tongue down Chrissy’s throat.

Chrissy began to moan and say I am so fucking horny right now, If I had my dick, I’d be fucking you right now. Lori laughed; Chrissy say God dam I want to lick your sweet pussy I want you now. Lori looked her young friend in the eye and said I don’t fuck on the first date, just ask my husband. Chrissy’s eyes lit up husband. Lori knew what was coming next hey yes, I said I love women, but I also love me some big cock too. Don’t worry you’ll get to meet him soon enough. Lori directed her young friend to get back to sucking her titties and of course Chrissy willingly obliged.  My wife was totally into her role when once again Chrissy moaned saying I need your pussy Lori I want to suck on your cunt. Lori told not on the first date, you’ll have to take me out and wine and dine the pants off me, I promise you we’ll have a date and if you play your cards right, I’ll give up my pussy. I’m no cheap slut you can bang on the first date but then again, I am a horny old broad. With that she slid back off Chrissy’s lap and stood her up and undid her belt and unbuttoned her jeans. Taking her by the hand she lead her over to the plush leather couch she first helped her out of her jeans and played with her wet pussy through her plain white cotton panties. She then pushed her back allowing Chrissy to lay back on the couch, with a fluid motion Lori pulled down her panties and tossed them aside revealing her totally bald pussy. She was so smooth and not a sign of a single hair or nub, Lori laughed saying you sure your twenty one and not twelve? All Chrissy could do was softly say Oh my God I need you. Lori now buried her head between Chrissy’s creamy white young thighs as she skillfully began licking her young pussy.


Chrissy began to softly cry and whimper oh, oh yes lick me Lori lick my cunt! Lori stopped looked up and her and smiled. She went back to licking her wet pussy darting her tongue in and out of her wet hole tongue fucking her. Without looking she reached up and began fondling her perky young tits, as she began lifting her shirt Chrissy immediately pulled it up and over her head exposing her young perky braless 34B titties who Lori planned on becoming much better acquainted with. Softly she began pinching her nipples and squeezing her titties. Chrissy took over and fondled herself as Lori licked her into orgasmic bliss, she would later tell Lori she had her eyes closed and her head back taking it all in when her entire body felt as if she was hit with an electric charge. This was the result of Lori flicking her tongue rapidly on Chrissy’s swollen clit. Lori took two fingers and thrust them into her pussy as she licked her to heaven, she curled her fingers finding her G Spot and began to rub as she licked and sucked her swollen clit. Chrissy began to scream and moan and blurt out a stream of obscenities, she grabbed Lori’s hair and pulled her head into her pussy. Her hips were bucking, and her legs were shaking. She told Lori even her nipples felt electrically charged. With in a few seconds she began to cum and as luck would have it her young friend was a squirter. Lori moved her head from her grip as she orgasmed and shot a stream of her juices from her pussy.

 Lori joked with me saying if she wasn’t such a good cock sucker greatly impart to me, and my obsession with oral sex. She laughed saying hey I almost had my first facial from a woman.


Chrissy was spent, she was panting trying catch her breath but mustered enough to say holy fuck that was incredible. Lori stood on her feet and leaned in and gave her young friend a kiss saying happy birthday. Chrissy threw her arms around her neck returning her kiss saying oh my God thank you, thank you so much. I never as she hesitated, Lori smiling saying you never what been eaten by and old broad like me. Chrissy laughed and said hell I’ve never been eaten like that EVER! My wife said that the difference between a young girl and a woman skill and experience. As Lori went over to the small bathroom in her office, she returned with two white cotton towels and they both toweled off. Lori told her come clean up. As they did Lori smiled at her in the mirror, Chrissy said what are you looking at, she replied me and what I missed out on at your age. They got dressed but Lori left her stained panties on especially for me, as they finished up Chrissy confessed that she never thought Lori would go through with lap dance. Lori smiled and said if you are going to work out here which I truly believe you will, you will learn that I am relentless and driven and never back down from a challenge. They made some small talk when Lori asked hey you have any plans for the weekend, she said I was going out with my friends but nothing that can’t be broken why. How about coming to our place for the weekend. Chrissy smiled and excitedly said really? Yes, really, I have to first run it by my other half. Oh, you have to ask your husband, Lori laughed and said no my wife. Chrissy laughed and said I thought you were joking, no our wife, Barb my best friend lives with us. She knows I’m a horny old slut as she calls me, but we have an arrangement so let me break our fun to her, but I think she’ll be cool with it. You’ll like her she’s really nice and very hot I know she’ll love you.

After Lori finished recounting her adventure, she took my hand and placed it against her wet panties and said I need you to fuck me right now before Barbie gets home and I have to share your cock

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Hot story and an equally hot picture. Love her nipples peeking through her see-through blouse.

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