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Our first date thanks to my wife

Bob Long

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  If you’ve been following our “sexcapades” as my wife calls them, you’ll recall when my wife and her best friend lost a bet and she had to give me a blowjob topless with my wife also topless watching who eventually participated. So, Barb and I are not strangers sexually but even up to then I had not yet fucked her. Since the first day my wife introduced us her no doubt about it, I knew I wanted to fuck her silly. She is 5’8” tall about 134lbs, perfect 36C, nice tight body as never having had any children and her tits did a really nice job of defying gravity for a middle aged woman. She is a true gym rat works out six days a week and is the impetus behind my wife getting into shape. They have been best friends since high school and did pretty much everything together and when she came out to my wife had done even more than my wife had ever imagined.


 After coming out to my wife and confessing her feeling for her and what actually transpired one night after a tequila fueled night which lead to Barb somewhat losing control and taking advantage of her best friend being naked and passed out dead drunk. The night of the confession has led to our lives changing as Barb and my wife are committed to each other as well as the both of them being committed to me. She has since moved in with us and I need not tell you that the two seized every opportunity to have sex with each other making up for many lost years. I will get around to telling about the first time I was with the two of them in our first true full blown FMF encounter but this is about our first time together alone.

 Way back when her and her idiot selfish soon to be ex-husband came over for a dip in the pool, she caught us fucking in the kitchen like a couple of wild lust filled animals. It didn’t take much as I fucked her right in the kitchen in plain view of the backyard. When she came in, she confessed to me that she needed a good fucking I didn’t let on that I knew all about her husband’s short cummings. She told my wife that she wanted to borrow me and my cock and without hesitation my wife offered me up to her no questions asked. So since back then it was okayed by my wife but had yet to happen but that was soon to be remedied. My wife actually planned our date night together as she said she had promised me to her best friend who really wanted and needed to be “thoroughly fucked” as my wife says, and she also knew that fucking her freely was something I had lusted for since meeting her. She planned on not being home till very late if at all that night as she was going to see her cousin and said if she felt like she had too much to drink she would just crash at her place, so we had the house to ourselves.

 She took Barb shopping as she loves to do and was going to help Barb plan every little detail which she loves to do but then told Barb no this is your night well yours and hubby’s so you’re a big girl you can plan your night and have as much unconditional fun as you can handle. She told her I hope you’re ready to get seriously boned because he’s been wanting this for a very long time and he is one of the horniest men on the planet, you remember me telling you how he fucked me for an entire weekend with little or no breaks in total it was well over twenty times I swear he has the libido of a teenager. She told me Barbs eyes got big and the look on her face was like Holy crap. My wife said trust me you’ll be walking bowlegged after he’s done.


 Barb called me on my cellphone asking what time I would be home as my wife had already left, I told her I should be there in about forty minutes, she said great looking forward to our date, I said me too. I pulled into the driveway and walked in the backdoor as I always do. Barb was there wearing a white satin robe and told me to come sit next as she took my hand and lead me to the couch. She prepared me a cocktail and handed it to me and proceeded to take off my boots, when she leaned over, I got a clear view of her tits, her bare braless 36C perfect titties. She caught me and I just smiled, and she smiled back. She then just undid the tie on her robe and allow me a full unencumbered view would you like me to remove it she asked. I said lady’s choice she said no you’re the man of the house it’s all about what you want tonight. I said sure why not without hesitation she stood up and removed her robe standing there in nothing more than a smile and a pair of white satin panties. I sipped my cocktail and said you are a very beautiful woman; this has to be a dream. She leaned in and kissed me and said this is a dream come true. I always thought you were a hunk and a little jealous of Lori having you while I was stuck with Mr. Softy. I stroked her long blonde hair and softly said this is about us remember it’s your night too, let’s not talk about him he wasn’t invited. She smiled and said done, speaking of is there anything I can do for you before you go shower. I leaned over and kissed her and said what did you have in mind. Without skipping a beat, she slid off the couch and onto her knees in front of me. Unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning the top button of my jeans she playfully she leaned in and took the zipper in her teeth and pulled it all the way down, her hands were on the waistband as she proceeded to pull my jeans completely off. She began to fondle my manhood through my briefs teasing me with little licks and sucks through the material. Her tease was getting my cock harder than Chinese arithmetic, she pulled them down and my cock sprang free and was way more than halfway to being fully erect. She smiled looking at my cock and said hello beautiful, mamma is going to take really good care of you tonight.


 She proceeded to suck the head of my cock with an intensity like I hadn’t ever experienced, she licked up and down my shaft and flicked my rock hard balls with her tongue, gently sucking on each on the whole time softly stroking my ever hardening cock. She looked up at me coyly and said your wife gives pretty good head doesn’t she I muttered oh yeah, she sure does. She licked the head and kissed it and said who do you think taught her. I must have had a look of astonishment and she looked in my eyes and said yup I surely did back in high school because she was so desperate for a date, I told her unless you know how to suck cock, you’ll die a virgin. I said well then, I and others before me owe you a debt of gratitude. She smiled wickedly and said just remember that later. She continued to suck my cock into her mouth now she was hands free working it entirely with her lips sucking it and taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She finally came up took a deep breath and went back down on my cock and took me entirely into her mouth deepthroating the entire length of my more than ample cock. She continued to bob up and down sucking harder and harder increasing her pace. I flashed back to the night she lost the bet and was adamant about not allowing me to cum in her mouth. She was quickly bringing me to the point where I was about to explode while her head was bobbing up and down on my cock, she grabbed both of my nipples and squeezed. I winced a little as this was a total surprise. Within a few seconds I was barely able to mutter the words I’m cumming fully expecting her to finish me off by stroking my shaft until I exploded but much to my surprise she continued sucking me and tweaking my nipples she then grabbed my balls as I let out a loud moan not being able to hold back any longer I shot my entire load down her throat, I placed my hand on the back of her head and she squeezed my balls and continued sucking my cock milking every ounce of cum from my balls. She continued to suck me for a while after I exploded in her mouth, as she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes of hers removing my cock and rubbing it on her lips she stopped and said I told you this is all about pleasing you baby because I love you and your wife so much. Through my panting I said we both love you too honey.


 She now was just kneeling between my legs and took both of my hands in hers and stood up and said let’s go get you showered up for our night out on the town. I smiled at her and said it will be the best time you’ve had in years. I stood up and holding her hand she led me down the hall to the master bedroom where she had all my cloth laid out on the bed and said ok now go shower up stud while I go get myself ready. First, I have to go brush my teeth she said winking at me, I have a strange taste in my mouth. I could feel myself getting hard again just listening to her, was this the same woman not a prude mind you by any stretch of the imagination but the same woman who was hesitant about fulfilling her end when she lost the bet was now a sultry vixen intent of doing whatever it took, and I was very good with that trust me. While in the shower I thought about what she told me about teaching my wife how to give a blowjob, how did she teach her did it involve a random guy, did it involve toys or something else this was extremely erotic having this revealed to me. All my wife told me was that her ex was so fucked up he thought blowjobs were disgusting and he never once licked her pussy, what a fucking waste but his loss was my gains.


 I finished showering and went out to our bed where my clothes were all laid out for me, everything from slacks, shirt, sport coat, underwear and socks. Dam she even shined my favorite pair of boots. When I finished dressing, I heard her call to me from the giant walk in closet my wife had me build which is ridiculously large, are you almost ready because I am as hungry as a bear. When she appeared from her hideaway wearing a stunning white dress with a less than modest plunging neckline revealing that she was not wearing a bra, it was a good six or eight inches above the knee but with her long sexy legs it looks absolutely perfect. I was speechless for a second and just said wow you look fantastic. She smiled and turned completely around asking do you really think so I was hoping you would like it. I said like it I love it its perfect just like you are. When she did her complete turnaround, I could tell by how the tight fitting dress hugged her ass she wasn’t wearing any panties. She said awe you’re so sweet, but you didn’t have to say that. I said no its true listen if you’re going to be my wife, she looked at me with a little astonishment and I said yes, I said wife we are all in this relationship together right. She nodded and smiled and said yes, we are. I said good then you had better learn to take a compliment and put your past behind you. I love Lori and I love you and want no other women I am fully committed to the both of you she was starting to get a little choked up and I said besides my wife has excellent taste she deserves only the best. She laughed and said yes, she does, and I love you too and put her arms around my neck and pulled in and gave me a deep sensuous kiss.


She picked up her purse and adjusted my collar and said we had better get moving I made a reservation for eight, I smiled at her and said perfect are you going to tell me where. She said nope you’ll find out all part of our special date night. We walked out holding hands and when we got to the garage and opened the passenger door for her, I hardly ever do this anymore with my wife, but it was just gentlemanly instinct, I guess. She said oh my you are such a gentleman and you are 100% drop dead beautiful lady. As she got in, I leaned in and gave her a little kiss which she reciprocated and smiled up at me saying oh I could really get used to this. We headed off into the night and I followed her directions which lead us to a new seafood restaurant that had just opened so this worked out well as there was little to no chance we would be recognized. While waiting to be seated, she suggested we go have a cocktail to which I agreed and I have to say it wasn’t one bit of exaggeration to say that every guy in the place and even some women were staring at her, whether she sensed this or maybe just the air conditioning but her nipples were hard as rocks and clearly evident through the material of her dress. I smiled at her and said every guy in the place right now wishes he was me, she coyly smiled looking down at the table, saying stop you’re going to make me blush. I reached across the table and held her hand as we sipped our cocktails making small talk and sometimes just staring into each other’s eyes. She softly said If I was single when you two met, I would have given her a serious run for her money I can tell you that. I smiled and said thank you but then perhaps we wouldn’t be here tonight, or we would not be at all, meaning her, Lori and myself. She smiled and said so true and raise her glass and said to the three of us, and we clinked our glasses. The older guy sitting with his obviously cranky wife couldn’t get enough of Barb and her magnificent tits, when I caught him ogling her, but didn’t react, she noticed too and said so is it true that you made Lori cum 4 times in one session? She wasn’t the least bit subtle about it because it was all for the shock effect. I smiled and said yes that’s a fact, she licked her lips and smiled a devilish smile and said we’ll have to see about breaking that record. I knew the old guy definitely must have had a boner by now and his wife looked more pissed than words could describe.


 The person who took our names came over to tell us our table was ready, and we followed her to a nice table next to a large window with a perfect view of the ocean. We ordered dinner and I swear Barb made it a totally erotic experience with every mouthful. When it came time for desert, she moved over next to me and said please put your arm around me I’m a little cold, which I had no problem doing I looked down at her breast and her very prominent fully erect nipples, I said yeah I can see you’re a little chilly. She said oh no that from me imagining getting my brains fucked out tonight. Besides as she reached under the table grabbing my crotch, I think I’m not the only one getting aroused, she softly tugged at my semi hard cock. With her impish grin she said come dance with me please. I normally am not a dancer but how could I say no. She took my hand and lead me out to the dancefloor hopefully the dimly lit room helped conceal the prominent bulge in my pants. Thankfully the band finished a semi fast song I guess not being a dancer WTF did I know but the next three were slow dances. She got very close to me and did some dirty dancing rubbing her crotch against mine. She had her hands around my neck and whispered in my ear I’m not wearing any panties, I said yes, I know she said did you know that my pussy is soaking wet and I can feel it running down my leg. That was instant boner speak. I said well I’m here to help you with that. She smiled and said good pay the check and let’s get the fuck out of here. I stayed close to her as we returned to our table, she stopped short once and she told me she felt my cock against her ass and she pushed back and wiggled it a bit to tease me, this sultry bitch was going to make me cum in my pants if she didn’t stop.


We got to the table and I asked the waitress for the check she asked but don’t you want desert, I just smiled at her not saying a word and she glanced over at Barbs ass in that tight fitting dress and smiled and said oh never mind, I guess you’re taking it to go. I chuckled and that line alone was worth another $20 on her already generous tip. We got outside and I handed the claim check to the attendant and he ran off for the car while we waited, she started making out with me and didn’t know or care if anyone was watching. II held the door for her and handed the kid a $20 and said thanks for taking good care of my ride. He couldn’t help but stare at Barbs cleavage and rock hard nipples. We left the restaurant and she slid up next to me and started nibbling on my neck and ear, she then started sticking her tongue in my ear which drives me crazy. I don’t know if she had gotten a heads up from my wife or it was just her womanly erogenous instincts kicking in, but I had all do to from crashing. We were heading towards the main highway back home when she said pull in here. Pointing to an obviously closed something or other business, she told me drive around back, which I did she said good now kill the lights I no sooner hit the lights and was tugging at my belt and hand my slacks down past my knees. Without saying a word, she went down on me and started stroking my cock and sucking me till I was fully erect. She said fuck I can’t wait I need you in my pussy NOW! And she hopped on my lap and guided my rock hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. I said man you weren’t kidding your soaking wet yes; I am she replied and it’s all your fault. She rode me a little and got up off my cock and slipped three fingers in her wet pussy then stuck them in my mouth and said see what you’ve done. As I lapped her fingers like a dog licking, she remounted my cock and began riding me. With her arms around my neck I did my best to free her tits she took her arms from my neck the help me expose her beautiful tits, saying here how’s this daddy. I was instantly super turned on by her said daddy. I said much better baby. She bounced on my cock harder and faster he tits wildly bouncing as I tried my best to suck on her nipples when I succeeded, she let out a moan oh yes daddy suck them please suck them. I’ll do anything you want daddy. I was like wow I have no problem being her daddy.

She continued to pound her pussy taking the full length of my cock into her I had to be hitting her cervix because every once in a while, she would wince and force herself down on me harder. I could feel the tension starting to build up in my cock and knew I was about to blow my load. I asked do you want me to cum in your pussy. She half screamed yes daddy fill my pussy full of your cum, I want your load in me. Within a few seconds I could feel myself about to explode and I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on my cock as hard as I could, and I felt myself explode filling her pussy with my hot steamy load of cum. Now she screamed oh yes! yes! Fuck me daddy fuck me plant your seed in me. I could feel her pussy filled beyond capacity and felt it ooze out of her pussy onto my crotch and starting to run down my leg. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we both took a minute to compose ourselves, she began kissing me and telling me that was the best fuck she ever had. I said why thank you, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Still with my cock in her pussy she smiled and said oh really now I said yes really, you’re in for a night of serious fucking baby. She smiled and said Lori tells me you once fucked her for an entire weekend, and she lost count as to how many times but something like twenty times. I said that may have only been one days’ worth but as long as you can help me get hard, I’ll keep fucking you I never get tired of fucking.

She smiled and said oh good because I got us a little helper, with my semi erect cock still in her pussy I said oh do tell. She said hey being a pharmaceutical rep has its perks and winked at me. I replied oh I guess it does I’ve never tried anything like that before but I’m willing to give it a shot, she smiled leaned in an planted a big tongue kiss on me and said good now take me home I need to be thoroughly fucked. My wife’s line so I had no doubt now that Lori gave her a heads up. She hopped off my cock and went down on me licking and cleaning me like a mamma dog leans her pups. I started driving home and when we got to where the roads were better lit, I told her I had better at least pull my pants up. She agreed and as I lifted my butt op off the seat, she helped me pull my slacks up, but told me she didn’t want my fly zipped up because she was having too much fun with my cock. The entire ride home her tits were exposed for anyone to see, ad a few times if not for the cars tinted windows, I would have said more than one person got an eyeful.


 I drove home as fast as I could and when we got out of the car in the garage I opened the door for her with my cock still hanging out of my pants her tits exposed I leaned in giving her a nice long tongue kiss then I scooped her up in my arms and carried her into the house, the entire  time she was kissing me telling me that she loved me and I said I love you too she said no I really do love you as much as I love Lori I am so dam lucky to have both of you, I said we are the lucky ones. I finally made it to our bedroom where I gently as I could place her on the bed. She told me to be a dear and unzip her dress please, which I promptly did.  I couldn’t resist massaging her perfect tits and leaned in to lick and suck her nipples I was licking and sucking and moved from her tits to her neck with my one hand I began to finger her soaking wet cum filled pussy as soon as I hit her clit she stood on her toes and let out a soft moan saying I need your big cock in me please I need to be thoroughly fucked. I smiled and said you will be I promise She then proceeded completely undressing me and took my hands and lead me down the hall to the master bedroom where our fuck fest began.


Barb helped me compose this, she asked me to break it up into two parts so as not to overload you with details. I will go into more details of the rest of the night in the next part of the story.





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That is one hell of a story. Had my cock in my hand  stroking it the whole time.

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On 2/9/2020 at 5:45 PM, BallsDeep said:

Now that’s the story i was waiting for

Good  because I just posted part 2 hope you enjoy

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