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She Turned me out out publicly as a woman part 3 receiving Anal

Bob Long

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It was suggested by a friend that I post this story here as this is where anal is best appreciated, this is my story of my first time. If your interested the other two stories leading up tp this have been posted in  the stories section 




Paul looked at me and smiled and in a coyishly voice said oh am I your first, I looked up at him smiling yes, my first real one. He beamed smiling from ear to ear. He motioned for my to come to him with an outstretched finger. When I stood in front of him, he said will I normally am not into kissing women but and the next thing I know is he plants a big wet kiss right on my mouth and slips his tongue into my mouth and we began playing tonsil hockey. This was the first time I had ever kissed a man on the mouth. The mere thought  of doing this in the past repulsed me and I had decided  it was something I would never do. Perhaps it was the alcohol, the still lingering taste of his cum in my mouth and just getting caught up in the moment but we continued to make out. While we did, he was cupping and fondling my fake tits with one hand and rubbed my inner thigh with the other. Still naked from the waist down I took his cock in my hand and began stroking it and with one finger tracing out the head exactly as Dee had done to me a thousand times. Paul let out a few soft moans and said my God your good Dee honey I have a mind to steal him away from you. Dee laughed and said never happen honey he loves my pussy too much isn’t that right babe. I looked at her smiling and said because it’s the best pussy there is. She walked over and kissed me on the moth and said oh your so sweet now get back to work laughing.  Paul laid back with his head on the back of the couch relaxing as I stroked his cock and played with is balls. Dee was standing there watching and smiling like a proud teacher on graduation day. I had gotten his cock almost fully hard when she just smiled at me and said let’s do this together, she looked at Paul but he was blissfully enjoying himself with his eyes closed, looking at me saying are you good with this and I don’t recall even saying a word but I guess my facial expression must have been a sign of approval. She went to her knees and began sucking Paul’s cock sliding it her mouth and began slurping and sucking every inch of his 8 inch cock. I got down on my knees and joined her, we took turns sucking on his wonderful cock, not only was I watching my girlfriend suck another man’s cock, but I was sucking it along with her. We would take turns sucking the swollen head of his cock while the other licked up and down the shaft. I went down on his clean shaven balls licking them and slipping them one at a time into my mouth and gently sucking. Paul was incredibly smooth void of any hair on his entire body with the exception of his head and eyebrows. Paul’s cock was now rock hard it seemed even harder and fatter than before, the head was cherry read and looked like it was ready to explode.


 Dee looked me in the eyes saying ok are you ready baby, because I know he is. I relied give it to me. She helped me to my feet and took my hand and lead me over to the ottoman my usual fucking spot where Dee had fucked me what now seemed like ions ago, she pulled down my pants and helped me step out of them as I kicked off my boots. Dee picked up the boots and said slip them back on baby. I did as she asked as I was completely and willingly submissive, this being the complete opposite of who I normally am, but I was so into it that I had zero problem slipping into the sub role. Dee lead me to the ottoman and just placed her hand in the middle of my back her hand guiding me to bend over the ottoman exposing my ass. She reached around and unsnapped the three snaps in the crotch of my bodysuit she pulled it up exposing my ass. I was now breathlessly waiting in anticipation of being fucked by Paul. I felt both his hands on my hips and could feel the head of his cock pressing against the crack of my ass. Next thing I know he says no I can’t, I can’t do this. I was both stunned and shocked and looked over my shoulder and must have had that WHAT THE FUCK look on my face and he laughed saying no I can’t do this without some lube. A well payed gotcha between him and Dee, she squired a liberal amount of lube on his rock hard 8 inch man missile and stuck the tip of the tube in my asshole and squeezed. I venture to say a very small amount actually ever made it into my ass. I felt Paul’s left hand on my hip as he guided the tip of his cock with the others into my ass. He slowly and gently guided his massive swollen head in passed my sphincter. Dee was standing leaning over the top of me and spread my ass cheeks as wide as she could with both hands. Just like Dee told me when I first ass fucked her it just hurt a little when the head gets pushed in, but once inside it feels great. A combination of the alcohol, the lube and the horniness of both me and Dee fueled the excitement and within a few seconds Paul had gently slipped the bulbus head fully into my anal canal. I let out a long gasp and a load moan saying O! Yes! Oh God push it in please all the way in. I was very verbal which had great effects on Paul. Oh, you like the way my cock fills your ass don’t you, don’t you , you dirty little bitch. Oh God yes fuck me please I love your cock in me oh my God. Now I had been fucked by Dee wearing her strap on countless times by this point in our relationship each time feeling better and better, but this was indescribably different. I could actually feel Paul’s cock pulsating in my ass like the beat of a base drum. Who knows it may have been the beating of my own heart I was feeling as well? He began to slowly but methodically fuck my ass, pulling my hips in with every thrust. His cock felt so big it felt like I was going to burst but my God it felt so fucking good.



 Dee had now positioned herself in front of me by sliding one of the chairs up to the ottoman an and straddling my face wither legs spread wide. I didn’t need a written order of instruction to know she wanted me to go down on her pussy. I began to feverishly lap at her cunt like a dog having his first drink of water on a hot day. As Paul pounded my ass harder now my face was getting slammed into Dee’s pussy, my tongue was thrusting in and out of her soaking wet pussy that was so fucking wet a squishing sound could me heard with each thrust. I did my best to time my pussy licking with Paul’s pelvic thrusting. Dee grabbed the back of my head by my hair and forced my face as far into her pussy and she could. Once I found her clit, I was locked on like a heat seeking missile. I feverishly licked her clit as had and as fast as I could grabbing both of her legs both to steady myself from Paul’s rhythmic pounding as well as to latch on to her pussy and burry my face in her cunt as if I wanted to climb inside her. Within a few second Dee was screaming and a series of obscenities as well as moans groans and panting  as she was starting to cum. She exploded and I would swear she got ever wetter almost as if she was squirting her pussy juices. Not generally being a squirter but I wasn’t complaining. Paul kept up his pace and all I can say is thank you Astroglide because with out that generous amount of lube there would have been smoke and flames coming from my ass. Dee cam so hard she almost passed out from gasping for air She then flopped back into the chair to compose herself while I was still getting the ass pounding of my life. I could feel my hard cock slapping against the ottoman as I must have pulled myself in even closer trying to lap up every ounce of Dee’s pussy. Within a minute or so Dee cam to my cocks rescue, she lay down on the floor under my dangling cock. She slapped Paul on the leg saying wait let me get it in my mouth first. As soon as she did, she began engulfing my entire cock into her mouth and began sucking the cum from my balls. With being prompted Paul resumes fucking my no longer virgin asshole. The sensation of him pounding his cock into me with his balls slapping against my ass as my girlfriend sucked my cock was beyond euphoric, I would have to say it was electrifying and felt almost like an out of body experience. My cock now pulsed even more, and I could feel fire I my balls and the heat of which fil the shaft of my cock that was deep in her throat by now. I couldn’t have warned her even if I had wanted to as I was now gasping for each breath as my ass was being jackhammered by Paul. I exploded my load into her mouth and like the cock loving bitch Dee was she did not miss a single drop of my cum. Dee no sooner got to her knees and kissed me when Paul began his dialog in his very afamin voice, oh your ass is now mine baby I am going to defile you baby. I yelled out please fuck me I want you to fill my ass cum in me please, please Paul I need your load in me plant your seed. He told me later that put him over the edge, and he grabbed both hips and pulled me in as he began his final thrusts and let out a load moan and grunted with every last pump. I could feel his hot steamy cum spurting from his cock filling my asshole to the brink! As he filled my ass or man pussy as he called it, he slapped my ass harder and harder. Saying you know you like this don’t you, you dirty little whore. Your nothing but a dirty fucking whore slut, aren’t you? Say it dam it you’re a fucking whore and you love men’s cock. Oh yes ! yes, I am a fucking slut I replied. He had finally stopped fucking my ass and I could feel the cum oozing out of my ass and onto my thighs. With his cock still in my ass we were both panting attempting to catch our breath. He finally said in his normal non fucking voice so how was it, how was your first time he asked? I simply wiggles my ass as I pushed back towards him the tow of them started laughing. Dee said I think he liked it.


 He composed himself and said ok I need to be as easy coming out as going in as he began to slip his softening cock from my wet dripping hole. As he pulled the head out of my ass it made a popping sound from the suction created from my ass being entirely filled with cock and cum. Both Dee and Paul laughed, and Dee said well-baby you’re not a virgin anymore as I could feel Paul’s cum dripping from my hole, she smiled at me and planted the deepest wettest kiss I have ever had, I love you so much. I love you too baby, she smiled and laughed and said we love you too Paul. His response was awe you guys as I was about to get up, he said wait and got down on his knees and licked his cum from my asshole. Dee got his wild eyed look on her face because she knew all too well the effect rimming had on me. Paul made shirt work of his clean up and both he and Dee helped me to my feet. He, Dee and I hugged, and I said you have to excuse me I need a shower. He smiled and said you’ve earned it. As I walked to the bathroom Dee said hurry back baby. I replied no problem but if the two of you would care to join me, she just laughed. I tossed all my cloths in the hamper and quickly showered. When  got out of the shower I could hear Dee and Paul talking, as I was drying off, I spotted my new purple nighty on one of the chairs from that morning. I quickly put it on and dried my hair with a towel and brushed it with Dee’s big silver brush doing the best I could to duplicate the way she styled my hair earlier. I returned to the living room and got a look and a smile from the both of them. Paul said you didn’t have to get dressed up again on my account, but you do look sexy. Dee said oh no this is how he I mean she dresses whenever she’s here or we’re at her place. Paul said oh really. Dee handed us both a couple of drinks and said wait for me I need to shower as well be right back as she excused herself and went to shower. I sat with Paul and he asked if I minded and proceeded to ask me question after question about our sex life/lifestyle . I explained everything pretty much from the beginning to say he was mesmerized was an understatement. Dee retuned wearing a long black sheer flowing robe and a black nightie underneath telling Paul I normally would just be walking around naked, but you are company after all. We chatted a bit and invited Paul to join us in bed, but he politely declined but said if you don’t mind, I’d like to return the favor. We both looked at him and he motioned with his hand about sucking my cock, it’s the least I can do for you guys. True to his word he did join us in the bedroom and got me hard again between fuck sessions where he and Dee took turns without warning Dee grabbed him by the back of his head forcing his face into her pussy. He did lick her pussy a bit but said he had no idea what he was doing and laughed as he cursed Dee out. She laughed back and said oh poor baby let  me make it up to you and suck your cock and make you fuck me. He and I both laughed as Dee was as Shit faced as I had ever seen her, she said its ok babe is ok with it and would enjoy seeing me get thoroughly fucked wouldn’t you babe, I simply said sure who knows you might like it Paul. He laughed and said I don’t know about that but god now I smell like pussy isn’t that enough you tart. We all laughed and let it go that he wasn’t willing to fuck Dee, we joked later for fear it would straighten him right out.

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2 hours ago, Excited said:

Wish I could find parr’s 1and2 to this story 

Let me look later if I haven't posted them I will

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