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No bra Saturday


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My wife works in an office during the week so she leaves in skirts & heels. She can look all business or sexy as hell. 

We can get very busy with our jobs & lives sometimes, so when she wants my attention she puts on a tank top with no bra. Dawn has some nice 36 C cup tits that i have been in love with since we meet. 


I got back from playing golf this morning and she was in a black tank top & some girly shorts. I was sitting in a big armchair checking my email when she walked up dropped the shorts and climbed on my lap. She said “I need Some attention”, i started sucking her nipples thru the tank top as i often do, she placed her hand on the back of my head & began to moan, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back until she arched her back as i pushed up the tank top to reveal those beautiful tits. I was sucking them hard when she slid her hand into my shorts and started rubbing the head of my cock. I knew this would be a quick & fast maintenance fuck, followed by a longer session later in the evening. I keep sucking her tits knowing how hot & wet she would get.

She stopped me long enough to shove her tounge down my throat, after a few seconds I pulled her head back so I could suck her nipples some more. I pushed two fingers all the way into her pussy & she whispered “ooh fuck” into my ear, she let me fuck her with those two fingers for about a minute when she said “ok she’s wet” & pulled my shorts aside & slid down balls deep on my rock hard cock. “Thats what i need” she moaned as i kept sucking her nipples & kept her head pulled back, she started bouncing on my cock harder & deeper with each pump! I could tell the angle was great for her, she put her hands on my thighs to steady herself as she kept sliding up & down my cock. After a few minutes I could tell by her breathing she was starting to cum, “ooh shit baby” I let go of her hair & grabbed her hips to make her grind forward & back on my cock as her orgasm was intensifying. As soon as she started grinding on my cock l went off inside her like a gusher! After a few minutes of recovery she leaned over me and said “that was perfect for now, you go get a shower, I want you to think about that till later”


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