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Linda's First Party part 2

Bob Long

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 A little prelude to this story, my wife recently ran up a crap load of credit card debt to say the least I was pretty pissed so much so I threatened to take away her precious Black Mercedes she begged and pleaded with me not her car anything but. I let her stew telling her I would come up with an appropriate punishment. Her girlfriend and I one night over a few beers who totally agreed with me that my wife was out of control with her useless spending. She could spend all the money she wanted on herself her girlfriend no problem, but she has some friends who are to say the least a bunch of freeloaders. After a half dozen beers each Barbie said why don’t you threaten to pimp her out, ok I’m listening we concocted this plan where I would take her to a hotel when we got in the room take her phone and her cloths and even disconnect the room phone, so she was unable to leave and leave her there while I went downstairs and rented out her room key. The plan was that Barbie was to tell her that she overheard me planning to do this to basically scare the crap out of her. After sobering up we kind of both agreed that as far as a kinky fantasy went it was pretty good but in practicality not a good idea. So, I just told her to handover her cards and come up with a way to start paying down her debt. She agreed to figure something out which she very quickly did which lead to her working Fuck-A-Ware Parties with her friend from the lingerie boutique where she spent enough money that she should have owned the place.




The two returned to the living room when the women spotted her with artificial appendage bouncing with every step she took and acting as a tent pole under her baby doll they were mesmerized, she laughed and said what you ladies never seen a cock before they all giggled as she walked up to them with her cock in her hand and made her way one by one Debbie was giving her sales pitch about how realistic the feel and Linda took one of their hands and placed it on the faux cock so they could feel how realistic it felt and she tugged at it like she was stroking it and pulled at it and said guaranteed not to come off inside your lover whether it be him or her. This one has a few special option that I will demonstrate She turned and looked at Sue then the rest of the ladies and asked do I have any volunteers? Linda just reached out her hand to Sue her overzealous volunteer smiling saying come on girl you know you want it all the ladies bust out laughing and cheered her on. Her intention was strictly play acting only going through the motions but unknown to Linda, Sue thought better. Linda had her get down on her knees and pushed the rubber cock in her face well this must be the universal signal for women to suck cock. Sue put the shaft of the rubber cock on her mouth and began sucking and bobbing her head back and forth taking it deeper and deeper she then grabbed Linda’s ass with both hands which took my wife by surprise, she laughed and said ok now this is one of the best blowjobs I’ve had in a long time, Sue stopped for a second and said how do you think I got my husband and all the women including Linda laughed.


 It’s amazing what lust fueled by a large amount of alcohol will do to remove a person’s inhibitions 


 Linda, put her hand on Sue’s head and forced her to take more of her cock and without skipping a beat Sue deepthroated her and grabbed both her ass cheeks and squeezed hard and pulled Linda into her. The look on Linda’s face was one of pure pleasure one of the special features this strap on had was a small clit vibrator built into the base powered by several small watch sized batteries, so her look wasn’t part of the act because Sue unknowingly forced the vibrating nub onto her clit, When my wife gets aroused her clit swells up and is very sensitive so she was genuinely enjoying her blowjob, but she knew she had to continue her demonstration on her terms. he forced Sue’s head off her cock and had her turn around to face her friends and without hesitation Linda got behind her, Linda addressed her drunken lust filled guest well ladies should I give it to her or make her beg for it, without hesitation all of the ladies raucously chanted fuck her! fuck her! fuck her!


 She slipped the head of the dildo into Sue’s pussy she was acting like it was part of her little show, her intention was not to penetrate her even though it was what her drunken friends wanted, she leaned in and seductively said ok are you sure you’re ready for me now baby. Sue played right along and said yes give it to me fuck me now. Linda didn’t hesitate and shoved the entire length of her rubber cock deep into Sue’s pussy. Melissa told her later that Sue’s eyes looked like they were going to bug out of her head. Linda had her hands firmly on her hips and was pulling her towards her as she thrust into her pussy, with every thrust her unsupported 38DD tits were slapping and swinging wildly.


 Sue started meeting her thrust by pushing her hips back. The two were in a heated rhythm and Sue was definitely getting into being fucked by a woman in front of all her friends who were now mesmerized by what was happening right before their eyes. Linda decided to slow down to a slow steady rhythm, then she stopped which was not pleasing to Sue at all but as always Linda had a plan. Linda addressed her captivated audience asking do you ladies remember me telling you this bad boy has a few special options, are you ladies ready to see them? The drunken lustful bunch of women cheered and said stuff, like hell yes give it to her. Linda stopped and looked at all of them now who said she was going to be the one to get it, maybe I’ll pick one of you. She patted Sue on the ass and said that shut them right up now didn’t it. Don’t worry sweetie you’ve been a real trooper, so you get the prize. Linda then pulled out of Sue’s pussy who was so wet my wife said it glistened from all of her juices, with Sue still on her knees she directed her to come give mamma some head make sure I’m hard enough. Linda’s true intention was for Sue to taste her own juices, not knowing if she ever has or not but she was so full of lesbian questions as my wife put it that she would let her experience some of what her girlfriend Barb does. What Linda was actually doing was secretly recruiting handpicked guests for her lesbian orgy  Linda knew her little ploy was having a very positive effect as Sue was licking and sucking the dildo like it was a real cock, she was attempting to get hard. Linda casually glanced over at Mellissa who gestured with her eyes and a slight movement of her head to check out the two sitting to her immediate right who both had their hands in the panties obviously enjoying seeing their friend behaving wildly and not caring who was in the room.

Linda patted her on the head and said come on baby let me give you a good fucking. She had Sue lay on her back parallel to the couch were all her friends were seated so they could get a good view, She then took her right leg and lifted it almost straight up as she rubbed the head of the rubber cock on her clit, Well remember those special features ladies, well here is number one and Linda clicked a small switch that was part of the harness that could not be seen under her baby doll. As she slipped the cock into Sue’s pussy her face instantaneously lit up and she let out a Oh!! Yes!!!, it has two internal vibrators one is right up against my clit and well I think you know where the other one is looking at Sue who had a look on her face of both shock and pleasure. Linda slipped it in her all the way now still holding her leg up in the air as she fucked her Linda reached out and grabbed a handful of one of her tits, pulling it free from the top of the bustier and began massaging it and pinching her nipples. She looked over at the ladies and said well do you think  does she likes what she’s getting? All of them cheered and started chanting Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Linda looked over at Melissa and motioned with her head to come to her. She jumped up off the couch and came over and looked at Linda who told her hold her leg for me and feel free to continue. Melissa needed no further instruction and held Sue’s leg almost straight up in the air now and with her other hand she pulled the other tit out of the began playing with them, she even leaned in and started sucking her nipples. Debbie told my wife later that normally she would have been the one speaking to the group telling them about the special features etc. but Lori aka Linda was a complete natural like she was born for this.

This had an overwhelming fantastic effect on Sue, and she leaned her head as far back as she could and closed her eyes and started moaning. Linda looked over at the mesmerized group and said oh did I mention it has three speeds, first click that’s Nice! then she clicked it one more time and she said that’s Oh Wow! Then clicking it a third time which was Holy Fuck It’s party time! The intensity went up equally as much on the clit vibrator and now Linda was now jackhammering her pussy hell bent on making her demonstration partner cum. Sue started to moan and Linda said are you ready to cum for me baby! Sue screamed out yes! Yes! Fuck me please I’m cumming oh god fuck my pussy as Sue began to shake Linda knowing she was having a real orgasm no faking this one she hit a different hidden switch and the look on Sue’s face was priceless it was one of sheer shock and pleasure almost one of panic as Linda had activated a small pump that filled her pussy with and artificial substance simulating cum. As Linda pumped her Sue was gasping and saying oh my God, she’s cumming inside me! All the ladies were on the edge of their seats or standing to get a better view. Linda slowed down her fucking and a milky fluid was oozing from between the walls of her pussy and the dildo. When Linda pulled out of Sue’s pussy the cum started flowing out. Debbie bent over looking at the flow coming from Sue’s pussy and said Oh my God you didn’t wear a condom I hope you didn’t knock her up! The girls broke out in a fit of laughter. Linda drenched in her own perspiration never skipped a beat and said nope we’re good and stuck her finger in Sue’s pussy and licking her finger and said see completely edible. She then dipped her finger in again and held it out to the girls to taste. She laughed and said come on ladies we’re all friends you’ve just watched us fucking for crying out loud and one woman stood over her and licked Linda’s finger and they all were laughing.

Debbie came over and slipped a finger in Sue’s pussy and said I hope you don’t mind and Sue just gave her a thumbs up Debbie dipped a finger from each hand and offered one to Linda who sensually sucked her fingers to the Linda said now come on girls who wants a real taste without hesitation Melissa very sensually sucked on Linda’s fingers like she was sucking a cock. Linda said oh well and went down on her and sucked all of the concoction from her pussy but refrained from licking her clit, as she finished, she got up and helped Sue to her feet and put an arm around her waist, holding her in tight. The girls clapped and she was too spent to acknowledge them. Linda whispered in her ear thank you for being such a good sport I’ll have to give you some private lessons if that ok with you. She smiled and softly said deal the sooner the better. Debbie took over and said let’s have a round of applause for our two lesbians both Linda and Sue were smiling and Linda never one to miss and opportunity with her arm around Sue’s waist reached up and cupped her left breast, Sue was not going to let this opportunity pass her by and she reached over with her left hand and grabbed one of Linda’s melons and gently squeezed it. Debbie said ok you two why don’t you go clean yourselves up and come back for the final part of our evening. Linda still with her arm around Sue’s waist  walked down the hall and went into the bedroom to get changed. Linda just stopped and looked at Sue and planted a big kiss firmly her mouth and said thank you for being such a good sport, and I meant what I said about private lessons. Sue responded by kissing her on the mouth and slipped her some tongue giggling she asked Linda would you mind? Linda looked at her and said would I mind what , Sue glanced down at her melons and Linda said hell we were just fucking in front of an audience of course you can sweetie and lifter her baby doll up over her head before she could even get it completely off Sue was licking her tits and sucking on her nipples.


Linda just relaxed a bit almost went limp and enjoyed her newfound friends’ exuberance. Sue was cupping her tits with her hands and fondling them as she sucked them as hard as she could. Linda you trying to get milk from them laughing. Sue was embarrassed and said oh I’m so sorry. Linda looked down at her rock hard nipples and said nothing to be sorry about baby but easy is much better look and Linda leaned in and gently flicked Sue’s nipples with her talented tongue and licked her tits all over, like your licking an ice cream cone. Sue was purring like a kitten, when Linda stopped and said as much as I am enjoying the hell out of this, and lord knows I need it we will need to continue this another time a little later on tonight perhaps. Sue looked at her like a little puppy dog. Linda kissed her on the forehead and said I promise , I want us to make love unrestricted and enjoy our time unless you are really an exhibitionist at heart and want to be part of the show laughing. Besides I want you to meet my girlfriend Barb. Really was Sue’s reply I’d like you to meet my husband and Linda stopped her and said I don’t do husbands only my own. She said hell this guy in my neighborhood wanted fucked me in his pool today before I came here. Sue was like really Lori interrupted her and said a story for another time and asked for her phone number Sue willingly gave it to her and she said I’ll send you a text real soon I promise now I have to get changed, there is a bathroom right there pointing why don’t you jump in the shower real quick we had one hell of a work out you and me. As Sue headed to the bathroom, she looked at Linda and the two gave each other a kiss, Sue gently stroked Linda’s face saying I wish you could join me, Linda slapped her ass and said go before I forget myself and go with you.

 She had Sue bring her a washcloth and enlisted her new friend in cleaning herself up and finished up with some baby wipes. Linda then reached into the garment bag and pulled out her final costume a black leather corset with metal studs all over it that barely supported her massive tits but the tops and her nipples were fully exposed between her melons was a gold chain with a small gold cock hanging from it she donned a pair leather panties but when she tried them on, they fit too snug for her to be comfortable so she tossed them on the bed. she zipped herself in and thought oh shit Melissa has my boots, so she tore open a package of crotchless pantyhose put them on and put on her black cowboy boots that she had on when she arrived at the party. If there is one thing my wife excels at is improvising. Her new friend Sue was just coming out of the shower and she took one look at Linda and said OH! My GOD! You look so fucking hot. Linda was standing in front of the mirror fixing her makeup from her romp with Sue, she smiled in the mirror and said glad you like it baby, do me a favor will you come over here and get down on your knees. Sue followed her orders then without warning Linda grabbed the back of her head and forced it into her pussy and sternly said now lick it bitch! Sue was feverishly lapping at Linda’s pussy but having no experience she wasn’t very good at it. She pulled her head back by her hair and said like this and stuck out her tongue and flicked it, she thought Sue was going to cry and she timidly said ok and went back down on her pussy this time doing exactly as instructed.


 Linda let out a moan and said now that my little whore bitch lick my pussy and make me cum. Sue started picking up the pace and my wife let out soft sensuous moans and there was no doubt, she surely would have cum. Linda gently pulled her head away from her pussy and said get up. She wrapped her arms around Sue and said now that’s called role play sweetie you get to be somebody you’re not just for fun, you’ll see I will gladly teach you everything. Sue looked Linda right in the eyes and said I think I am falling in love with you. Linda said don’t do that falling in lust with me but love, your just too sweet and you have a rich husband you got by sucking good dick. They both laughed and Sue asked if there was a costume she could wear or help in any way and then the light went off over her head. She reached in the bag of goodies and said here put this on and let’s go blow your friends minds again.


They left the bedroom with Linda leading Sue down the hall totally naked wearing only a dog collar and leash, she had a large double dong over her shoulder and small hand whip and a riding crop sticking out from one of her boots. By now one would have not been shocked by seeing Linda and her antics but possibly it was their naked friend on a leash but the looks on the lady’s faces was priceless according to my wife. She took her pet and had her stand obediently off to the side, she walked up to her audience and said well ladies we have CUM to one of my favorite genres of bedroom play. BDSM for those of you who don’t know what that means is bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism. As you see by my obedient slave pointing to Sue she has fully submitted to my control, she is disciplined enough to stand before you completely naked for all of you to see, this is not only an act of obedience but one of love and commitment when you get your partner to submit to you ladies you’ve taken control and trust me men are so willing to be dominated and controlled they practically tie themselves up. All of the ladies laughed, Linda said they will do anything for this touching her pussy looking over at Sue she said now isn’t that right, Sue smiled and nodded yes.


 Now the Bondage part is pure fun ladies as she was doing her sales pitch Debbie was holding up various items such as soft handcuffs the fun cuff’s the Linda used earlier on her two victims and a few other assorted items she was handing out to the ladies to pass around. All who appeared to be very interested. Linda got their attention when she raised her voice a little louder than normal and said now! For the sadomasochism part, I personally am not into the really painful shit I like pleasure a lot more, she says in a drawn out way HOWEVER some people especially men get off on pain. Your outwardly conservative straight man but really derive a great deal of pleasure when some level of pain is inflicted but that’s for you to find out. Again, she draws out HOWEVER I do like to give my lover a little slap on the ass now and then to let them know who’s in charge. She looks at Sue and says come with her finger curled like she’s calling a dog. Sue willingly come to her side and Linda says bend over and she did of course Linda gave her a good hard slap on the ass, Sue winced and let out a little whimper, Linda said oh what was that you’d like another she softly said yes. Linda asked what did you say I didn’t hear you yes who. Sue replied yes Mistress. Linda looked around and said you see dominance and submission. Now to the fun stuff, I know all of you had a good laugh at Sue’s expense not that she wasn’t enjoying herself mind you but I think you all owe her this much so all of you off the couch and form a line get down on your hands and knees. All you bad girls need a little spanking, don’t you agree my pet. Sue smiled and said yes Mistress Linda, they are all naughty girls. Every single one of them complied and were laughing I suspect mainly because they were all drunk by now. Sue made her way down the line and Linda or shall I say Mistress Linda instructed Mellissa to assist half the ladies were still dressed so Mellissa helped them off with their jeans and pulled down their panties. One pulled them back up and Linda said oh no you don’t she walked over and pulled them down and flicked her ass with the riding crop. She looked at Sue and said you may proceed, and Sue looked at the crop and Linda knowing they couldn’t see her motioned to use her hand but not to hit anyone really hard. Sue was in her glory as she walked down the line, she gave each one a nice slap on the ass just enough to sting. Linda said now a lot of guys and even some of you ladies get aroused by at a little slap like that, I bet if I were to finger each of your pussies, I’d find more than one wet one they all giggled and laughed. She said well now I’ll show you the pleasure side, but first we need a willing volunteer and Linda reached out her hand and pulled Karen up from the couch, she said how about a nice round of applause for our lovely host. Her face got red, but she had a smile on her face. Linda took her hand and lead her out to the middle of the room where Debbie hand placed a chair and seated her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I know your straight so don’t worry I’m not hitting on you. Linda pointed to Melissa and Sue to come assist her. Debbie handed them some of the bondage gear. Her willing assistants helped Linda secure her ankles to the legs of the chair and Linda instructed her to place her hands at her sides, when she did my wife took a pair of restraint cuff with a leather strap connecting them. After securing each wrist with a cuff she connected them and pulled the strap just enough to keep her arms in place but now so as to hurt her. Linda then leaned in and whispered are you comfortable, and if at any time you’re not your safe word in Indiana and I’ll stop ok, she responded yes, I’m fine, then in a melodramatic voice she said oh my what are going to do to me! The entire group bust out laughing. So Linda now took a blindfold from the table and walking around Karen seated center stage was twirling it on one finger and telling the ladies you see it’s been said that when one is restrained and have no control over a situation they have submitted and let themselves go of their inhibitions because they have the fall back of I had no control over what was happening. Also, when we restrict a sense the others become heightened that is a proven fact.



So, you see ladies buy submitting and having sensory deprivation applied your sexual pleasure will be enhanced I speak from personal experience. Karen had a look of anticipation of what lay ahead for her, Linda then leaned in and softly  said you know how I said I knew you’re straight and that I wasn’t going to hit on you, I lied and Linda firmly planted a deep soulful tongue kiss on her mouth, softly stroking the side of her face as she darted her talented tongue in Karen’s mouth. Even though she was restrained she made no effort to turn her head or resist Linda’s kissing her like she had never been kissed before. Her closing her eyes did not strike Debbie, Melissa, or Sue as a let’s just get this over with thing but more of a savoring the moment. The mere silence from the rest of the hen’s was taken as that they were all in shock as Karen was as straight as they came. When Linda stopped, she smiled when Karen opened her eyes and said ok baby relax and enjoy as she slipped the silky blindfold over her eyes and gently with a single finger, she traced Karen’s face and lips that were paused in anticipation. Linda then went to the table where Debbie had placed several items that could be used during BDSM play. The first thing Linda picked up was this very small box that contained a fingertip vibrator, she slipped it on the tip of her index finger and switched it on, going from lady to lady she gently would place her finger on a body part, for those who managed to remain clothed she would extend her hand outward and allow them to choose where they wanted it placed one choose her face another the nape of her neck, one even took Linda’s and holding it gently but firm placed it between her cleavage, looking up at her she said I’m not quite as brave as some of my friends. Linda smiled and said it’s all good. She made her way to those who either were dressed in her sample lingerie or in various stages of undress one lady was in her bra and jeans and Linda did a double take and said now how did I miss those beauties admiring her beautiful breasts. Linda asked do you mind, as she held her hand out palm up and she smiled and said please do. Linda cupped her breast in her hand and looked at her saying 34DD. She looked up at Linda and said yes, your amazing no one ever guesses. Linda smiled at her and said it’s a gift now that she was comfortable my wife traced the outline of her breast through the material of her bra. She closed her eyes taking in the sensuous feeling, know to strike while the iron is hot Linda began circling her nipples that were now protruding from the white satin material of her bra, she then gently rubbed her nipples one at a time with the fingertip vibrating little work of art and the woman whose name she could not remember for the life of her just reached out and held her wrist but not to hurt her but to keep it in place, she then rubbed the ladies nipple in a circular motion and she was drifting off into ecstasy land.

 Linda looked at the other girls and said you can see a toy doesn’t have to be some big honking monster to get you off. She leaned in and said sorry babe, but I can’t be selfish I have to let your friends try it, but you can feel free to continue your own demonstration after I am done using it. She continued to rub the little vibrating toy on every woman’s nipples until she got to Melissa  when she rubbed her nipples she knew from experience that when covered by the vinyl material as sexy as it made her body look and having a cotton liner made her tits feel nice and not sweaty it greatly reduced the sensitivity. Knowing this Mellissa simply pulled both boobs out of the bra exposing her nice hard nipples Linda smiled as she pleasured her newfound friend, Linda said oh I have a special treat for you my pet and she held out her hand and snapped her fingers Sue responded quickly and said yes mistress obediently waiting for her orders Go to the table and bring me the black box with the gold trim and be quick about it as Sue turned Linda flicked her ass with the riding crop, Sue actually jumped a bit. She returned with the box and stood waiting for her next instruction, with the finger vibe still rubbing Melissa’s nipples, Sue opened the box and stood holding it. Linda removed a small suction cup device placing it on Melissa’s hard nipple she began to squeeze, and her nipple grew in size almost elongating it. Melissa threw her head back and closed her eyes she too had very sensitive nipples. Linda removed the other one and placed it on her left nipple and squeezed the black rubber bulb until the nipple began to grow, she didn’t stop until it was equal to the other one. Looking at Mellissa right in the eyes Linda sternly said you are not permitted to remove them understand, if you do, I have one that attaches to your mound and I can suck your lips bigger than Mick Jagger’s, the ladies got a good laugh from that line. Linda then began rubbing her panty covered pussy through the material and said now this will never do and she flipped the little selector switch to high and slipped her hand down the front of her panties probing for her clit. Which she found within seconds and her face confirmed it. As Linda removed it, she whispered you’ll get to play with all of this later.


Now acting silly like a kid, she put her finger to her lips to shush! the ladies as Karen could still hear, she stood in front of Karen and slowly ran her toy covered finger up and down her inner thighs as soon as she felt the vibrating touch on her skin she tensed a little as if she was trying to move but simply gave in knowing she couldn’t escape her bonds. Linda ran her finger from her ankles right up to her panty covered mound. As soon as the little wonder came in touch with her satin covered pussy cover, she shuttered a few times then Linda teasingly moved away from her wet spot. All my wife could think of was oh well this one goes in the laundry too, but no bother Barb and her traded lingerie panties etc. on a daily basis. Linda made her way up to Karen’s neck where she ran her vibrating finger slowly across her cheeks, while she placed her other hand on her breast gently squeezing it. Keeping her hand on her one tit and continuing her massage, it was apparent that Karen was enjoying herself. Linda leaned in and gently kissed her on her lips and whispered in her ear you ok, just moan for yes Karen let out a soft moan. Linda told me later she did this so as not to embarrass her especially as she was the party hostess who brought these wild women together who were so far spending daddy’s money. The thin lacy material that covered her breasts unlike the lined black patent leather bikini top Mellissa was wearing did nothing to inhibit the sensation knowing this Linda gently kissed her nipple and then ran the vibrator across the other one alternating between the two with each pass she sucked a little harder and it was clearly evident that it was taking effect on her. Karen was breathing a little heavier and was glowing a nice word for sweating. Linda motioned to Debbie who tossed her a white towel from Debbie’s bag and Linda gently toweled her off. She leaned in and softly said you ok sweetie would you like some water, or do you want me to stop. Karen instantly replied a little water would be nice but please don’t stop go on. Debbie handed Linda a bottle of water and placed it to Karen’s lips she sipped a bit from the bottle and said I’m ok. When Linda turned to place the bottle back on the table, she spotted one of the ladies with a cell phone in her hand. She sternly approached the woman extended her hand and said give it to me now. Before she could utter a word of protest Melissa stepped over and grabbed it from her hand and said you were told by Karen no cell phones and snatched it from her hand and tossed it to Debbie.


 Linda reassured Karen that everything was under control and Karen simply nodded. Debbie on que walked up behind Karen and place both hands on her shoulders and gently massaged Karen getting her to relax even more she then placed her hands over her ears and Linda turned to the girls and motioned for them to come up and form a line, she whispered I think it would be a nice gesture if we give our host a little thank you kiss. All of the ladies lined up and one by one they learned in and kissed Karen on the lips some just a simple peck a few in their drunken state of no inhibitions planted sloppy tongue kisses on her mouth, when it came time for Sue’s turn she leaned in still completely naked bending over she softly kissing the nape of Karen’s neck and gently licking her. My wife was thoroughly impressed at what a quick study she was. Melissa took full advantage of the situation and slipped a finger into Sue’s pussy she made no excuse or apologies when Linda looked at her.

When she told me this I smiled at my wife and said kind of reminds me of someone.

 Sue then placed bother hands upon her breasts and kissed her on the mouth sticking her tongue in her mouth and sensuously kissed her friend. Karen was melting like butter and sighed as Sue pulled away. Karen said I don’t know who you are but wow! Sue gleefully smiled to all her friends.



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I'd like to be the guy in that picture

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