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When I recently bought my vibrating thrusting prostate massager I also got a c-shaped clitoral g-spot vibrating toy for my wife. Yesterday when we were laying in bed I said to her  what we need to do one day is insert our toys and go for a walk. Said that would probably be fun. I wasn't expecting a positive response but she just perked up and said okay let's do that and go to the beach. So we inserted our toys into each other and jumped in the truck and went out to the beach. We got there and we went for a walk each one of us having the remote control for the others toy. Walking along the vibrations and thrusts changed in me and I was walking the whole time with a hard-on. She said I can't stand it anymore,  let's go back to the truck. So we went back and immediately she had me get in the passenger seat and she put the seat back got on top of me straddled my cock and fucked my brains out. I came as hard as I ever have in my life. And I know she had multiple orgasms. Look forward to doing that many more times.

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