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This past long weekend being a holiday weekend I didn’t do anything thing other than my daily routine, up at 3:30 AM made coffee had a smoke as my St Bernard waited patiently by the door anticipating our morning walk. Throwing on a pair of shorts, we left for our morning walk. We have a predetermined route we take and it adds up close to 2 miles. As we walked by a new housing development I keep running into the same guy every morning and we stop and exchange pleasantries and continue on.  Sunday morning as we walked this guy walked with us as we knew the dogs would get along perfectly. This walk however was anything from ordinary. Over the course of our many conversations we learned a lot about each other, he was in a sexless marriage, I was divorced living with my girlfriend. So as we walked we started talking about sex. 

As we walked he jokingly said you know being in a sexless marriage could turn a man gay, I said not gay but perhaps bi, yea that’s what I meant he said. Have you ever had sex with a man he ask? Yep that’s what caused my divorce, she couldn’t handle me having a private man friend. Have you I ask? No but I think about it all the time, I told him it’s a lot of fun with the right guy. Now we are really digging deep into our conversation and he said I get up in the morning and beat off a load every morning, I admitted to having the morning erge every morning as well, so I threw caution to the wind and said well you know my girlfriend normally goes to her mothers every other weekend to tend for her elderly mother, why don’t you meet me at my place after our walk and see where it goes. 

He came over and being a little shy knocked on the door, I let him in and and I could tell he was extremely nervous, relax I said we are just 2 guys going to have a beer or 2 and relax. Now in the privacy of my home he said describe what it’s like to taste a mans cock. Sitting across from me his legs spread alittle I could see he was not wearing underwear and his balls were clearly visible, under his shorts. I laughed and said it’s wonderful if he in properly trimmed and smooth balls, I see you are pretty hairy. He looked down and said fuck, sorry about that as he quickly closed his legs, his loose fitting shorts looked comfortable as I said you know you need to relax, we both know why you are here so let’s have a look. Taking the initiative I stood up and dropped my shorts as I was semi hard he got up and did the same. I walked over and reached out and felt his hairy balls and he was immediately getting rock hard. I stroked his growing cock as he moaned as he touched mine. 

I laughingly said man we need to manscape you a bit, I said would you mind if I shaved your balls and trimmed you up? What? I said let’s clean your package up so I can enjoy myself, he smiled and said what the fuck let’s do it. Both naked we walked to the bathroom and I brought out my shave kit and went to work cutting as much off with my scissors before putting a blade to them. In the shower as I shaved his meaty muscle I would allow his cock to slip between my lips and as I shaved him his meaty dick was throbbing hard leaking precum. As I finished and he rinsed off his cock exploded and he gushed a ton of cum. I said dude, you just wasted a healthy load into the drain? Half the fun is swallowing it. He said I am so sorry, I’m just really worked up right now, but that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Well we need to remedy your sexual needs. 

Washing up and finishing our shower we dried off and still naked grabbed a beer went into the patio to have a smoke and he was finally relaxing to the point of coming over and grabbed my cock and said teach me how to suck cock, I reached for the back of his head and guided him onto my now rock hard dick and he moaned with shy excitement. After a few pointers he was doing a wonderful job. He pulled off and said what’s cum taste like? Let’s go inside and you will learn how awesome it is. 

69ing in bed the guy was as crazy as they come as he swallowed my cock as whole as he could and as I swallowed his meaty meat I could taste his precum as he enjoyed mine. I said you are doing great I’m ready to cum, I said just keep going and enjoy the show. Even though he didn’t swallow it I cummed in his mouth and looking down could see it falling from his mouth covering my cock in my cum, he then said shit I’m cumming so I deepthroated his cock as he unloaded another load. My throat muscles working his throbbing dick as he bucked and pulsated until he couldn’t take it anymore and pulled out . As we lay there he consecrated on the taste of my cum and said not as bad as I thought it would be. As he laid there rubbing his now hairless balls said you know that was the 1st time in my life someone has swallowed my cum. That was the most intense feeling I have ever had. I said you know we can make this a regular thing if you want, hell yea he said. 

This morning we once again met on our morning walk and he was a lot more relaxed and said I have a question, I love the way my ball feel all shaved and clean, how often do I shave them? I do mine once a week he said ok next time they will be nice and smooth for you without you having to do it for me. Then he said you know I’m not gay don’t you? Neither am I as I love pussy as well, but just so you know what we do in private always stays between us, of course man always. Please let me know when we can hook up again so I can learn how to swallow you. Looks like I made a new friend. 

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Great story. Got me nice and hard reading it imagining that was me

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I like hearing stories like this! Good to know that people can let go. Meeting the right person at the right time!!

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