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My first time with a man


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 I was asked if I would get naked with a male and let him play  saying if I want to stop tell him I knew instantly I liked it. Next he videotaped us I was so excited. He asked if he could let men watch it yes. He informed me he had roommates and asked if I would let them watch yes. There were 4 men sitting on all sides of the bed watching  saying what they wanted me to do . They set a box of toys next to me and I played with them they photographed me. I've never been so excited in my life the first half was me having sex oral anal play rimming fucking top and bottom  eating cum. Second half me giving a show to men  using toys banging myself  and my audience telling me what to do plus  choosing what toys removing them from my ass then inserting the next there were about 25 dildos some were12 inchs and as fat as a soda can. When I woke up the next day my phone rang and it was the guy I had sex with he said everyone asked if I would do this more every Friday  I said yes and did it for over a year until he moved out of state. I'd love to do it again 

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Damn! I read that and my cock got hard. Thanks for sharing that experience.

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