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Oh Baby, Please Fuck Me. I Beg You!!


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She recognized the tingling awareness of desire as she awoke in a dreamy state of need. Pulling her pink, baby doll neckline downward,  she starts caressing and rolling her nipples to form a hungry peak. Next, she pulls the matching bottoms off to better expose herself. A little exploring to the area of obvious need, reveals some existing moistness.  Her questioning fingers rapidly build it to a cock welcoming wetness. "Babe, where are you? " she shouts out. Knowing he will hear her in their quaint ranch style home. No answer. Hmmm. "he must me outside" she decides. Reaching over to her bedside drawer, she pulls out her trusty C- battery action toy and gets to business on her clit. Planning her Saturday morning she thinks;  "I will just cum real quick and then I can get up and clean the house" . The high vibration is working her up when suddenly it dies down to a drizzle. Dam, recognizing for what it is, she shakes the piece of plastic and mutters to herself. With desperation she thrusts it into her vaginal opening and rapidly pushes it. Yanking in and out begging to no one... "oh please"  

In through the bedroom door walks her man,  full of sweat, dust and grease. He turns and recognizes what she is up to. Chuckling, he says "I thought I heard that" and moves through to their bathroom to start washing his hands and cleaning up. "Oh baby, I need you" she says. Walking back into the room he pulls off his sweaty t- shirt and responds "Can't right now, I am in the middle of working on the car and I've got to go to the parts store and pick something up. I'll come back and do you later".

"Oh my God, no!"  she states. "I cannot wait until later...I am desperate!" Now laughing the man studies her legs flayed out, the top yanked down and her vibrator moving inside. Finally he says, " just do yourself for now, I'll be back". In desperation she moans back, " Oh baby,  pleeease, no!"  On that note, his manhood begins to wake up and slowly twist into an uncomfortable position in his jeans.  It is definitely making him aware that a "No" to this begging woman is not an option. Becoming more interested,  he places a finger in her warm, little slot and tests to see,  just how ready she really is. "You do appear to have a little problem here" he smirks. "What should we do about this?". He begins to think this is going  to be some fun. Knowing how incredibly hungry she can get , he is sure she will  start screaming and begging if he holds her off long enough.  A hot lady screaming for his cock. Yep . Good idea. 

Rolling over unto all fours she starts undulating her ass with a desperation. "Can't you tell, I have to have your cock in me"  she whines. Reaching  under her belly  she places her finger inside her wet orifice, pulling it in and out to make a snapping liquid sound to pronounce just how desperate she is. At this point Mr. Man is hard and amused . Still not letting her know she won, he pretends to pull out a clean pair of jeans and begins to discard his work pants. Glancing at him she sees his big, thick cock spring out toward his belly button. "COME ON! Look at you!" She says, "Please Baby, I need you to fuck me!' She continues, quietly whimpering.  Getting into his game plan he comes to the edge of the bed and facing her ass, he begins toying with her. Gently patterning his fingers along her inner thighs and towards her folds. "I don't have time girl" he says. "Dam it I need your cock" she shouts back.  Laughing, he moderately smacks her ass and says "how much?" She moans out " ow, its bad baby, really bad" acting like a cat in heat,  she cannot seem to stop rolling and grinding her hips toward him. Grabbing his cock he acts as if he relents and touches the tip to the snapping opening. Just touching the circle and pulling back out, he grins and says " I'm not sure I have time you hungry little slut". Her wildness and bucking increases from the teasing touch " Yes, yes baby" I am a hungry little slut and I need you to fuck me so badly" Please fuck my slutty little pussy" she cries . Mr Man feels his balls tightening and a tingling up his spine. As he continues with the tortuous touching of his cockhead.  Meanwhile he smiles while watching her swaying ass try to follow him as he pulls away. He recognizes how desperately horny she is acting and smacks her ass again. "I don't think I will." He teases.

Not being able to stand another minute of need she follows his withdrawing cock and shouts " OH BABY, PLEASE FUCK ME, I BEG YOU !" This time as she follows back she is lined up and impales herself on his cock. His response is to slam back at her as the noisy jungle fucking, slapping motion of sweaty bodies fills the room.  He starts tearing into her, bottoming out with every thrust. She is grabbing her nipples and out of her mind starts screaming " yes, yes, yes...fuck me,  fuck me,  please don't stop, don't stop, I love it, I love it". He feels her wet pussy begin to grip and spasm while she moans out in crying desperation and collapses on the mattress. He follows right down on top of  her and with a grunt fills her up with his cum. Finally pulling back, he continues to spurt cum, rubbing the head of his cock through the juices and up and down and toward her ass.

Now what was I supposed to do today?

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Another great stimulating story. You have quite a talent

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