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Social Distancing Tiki Bar Party, part 2


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I wake from from my nap when I felt someone moving near by.  I could only tell it was Sara by then name on her mask.  She was kneeling on our blanket between Denise and I.  Before I could say anything she put a finger to her mask to say “be quiet”. Okay, Sara is about ten years younger than we are and in average shape. But still very sexy, just like Denise still is.


Sara pulled down her mask and put my cock greedily into her mouth.


I let out a grunt at the feeling of her tongue swirling around my now, very hard cock.  When we met her and Saul last time, I had wondered what she looked like naked.  I was not disappointed by what I saw, and new she was sucking on my cock.  But, it didn’t last.  She kneeled up, pouted and said “Want to taste Denise’s pussy on your cock.”


“Well, go over and taste it for yourself” I said.


I reached over and started to trace gentle circles around one of Denise’s nipples.  She sighed, but didn’t fully wake yet.


But, when she felt Sara’s tongue on her slit she said, “Hmmmmmm”


I could see Sara was licking her slit from top to bottom.  Slowly working her way deeper into the outer lips.


She must have been enjoying the tongue acting on her pussy, because she was slowly spreading her legs and making contented sounds.


I pulled my mask down and sucked a nipple into my mouth and gently bit on it.  She was no longer asleep as she registered there were two mouths workin on her at the same time.  Denise put her head up and was about to say something when Sara must have hit her clit.  She let out a loud “Gaaaaaaa” and put her hand on Sara’s head and held it between her legs.


Sara was not working on her clit.  Flicking it with her tongue.  Sucking it between her lips.


I was sucking one nipple and pinching the other one between thumb and forefinger.


Sara now slid two fingers into Denise’s wet pussy.  While licking her clit she was slowly plunging her fingers in and out.  In and out.  In and out of her pussy.


Denise reached over with the hand that was resting on Sara’s head, between my legs and started caressing my balls.


As Sara brought her to orgasm she squeezed my balls and told me she wanted me inside of her pussy.


Sara and I pulled our masks back up.


Sara pulled Denise’s mask down.  Then moved up and put her pussy right over Denise’s mouth.


Knowing fair was fair, she started licking the blonde’s bare pussy.


I moved between her legs and slid my wet cock into her dripping pussy.  Since Sara was sitting on her face I was mostly up right.  To keep my balance I rested my head on her back and grabbed on to one full breast in each hand.


Slowly I started pumping my cock in and out of Denise’s pussy, while groping Sara.


I would pull out slowly, almost all the way out, but leaving the head still in.  Then, ram in hard and fast.  Rocking Denise under Sara.  It tried pinching a nipple, and she growled “Harder”


I grabbed each of Sara’s nipples hard and thrust hard into the sloppy wet pussy.


I was getting close, and was not just grabbing onto Sara’s large tits and I was pounding quickly in and out of Denise.


Sara came first flooding Denise’s mouth.   I came next with a grunt.  Then I could feel Denise spasm below me.  The muscles of her pussy wall squeezing my cock inside of her.


After a few moments of recovery, Sara got off and said she wanted to clean us up.


Sara first went between Denise’s legs and licked all of my cum out of her pussy.  It looked like she was doing a very, very through job.  I think Denise even had another small orgasm.  Next she very gently cleaned my limp member.


We sat and chatted for a few minutes.  Mostly commenting and speculating about the other people here.  What we thought they would be open to.  And how good or bad we estimated.  Basic locker room chat, but on the beach.


All three of us stood up.  Pulled our masks back up and headed to the bar for a refill and to find more people for our next act of our little play.  At the bar we all got fresh drinks.  Sara wondered over to talk with Kerry and Kevin, Saul was already there chatting.  It looked like Saul was massaging Kerry’s ass.  It was hard to tell, but I think she was playing with his cock.


Brittney came over and asked, “We were just going to walk along the beach in the moonlight.  You two should come with us.”  Pointing to Brian, Brad, and Ben.  “Want to?”


“Sure, where are the other two?  Bambi and Becky”


“Oh, they are on the other side of that campfire buried in each other” Brittney giggled.  “Come on, we can have our own fun”


So off we headed to the waters edge, each girl with a guy on each arm.  Ben and Brad with Denise, while Brian and I had Brittney between us.  We walked for about 30 minutes down and back the beach in the moonlight.  While we walked there was plenty of hanky-panky going on.  I know I grabbed Brittney’s ass, rubbed my finger up and down her ass crack.  Kneaded her breasts and tweaked her nipples.  And Brian was doing the same.  And Denise was getting the same royal treatment, with the addition of her purple jewel being played with too.  By the time we got back from the walk everyone was very randy and just wanted to fuck.


Brittney pulled me down on top of her.  She pulled down my mask and pushed me between her legs.  Brad came over and she started licking is 9” cock like a popsicle.


Denise knelt between Brian and Ben started playing with both their cocks.  Ben’s was only about 6” long but was very thick, probably about 2” across.  Brian’s was longer at about 8” but was much thinner.  Denise stopped after a little while and said “I want you to cum inside of me”.  She had Ben lay on his back and straddled him.  She slowly worked her pussy over his tree trunk.  After much grunting she had taken him fully into her pussy.


Ben came over and started suckling on her nipples.  Slowly at first she started rising up and then dropping down on his cock.  As she rose up, I could see her pussy lips stretch around his massive member.  She was getting more and more flushed as she started bouncing on him faster.  She let out a loud scream and collapsed on his chest.  She didn’t move for almost 2 minutes, I think she passed out.  When she did move, she asked Ben “Did you cum yet?”


“No” he replied.


“Good.  Brian, take the butt plug out of me.  I want you in my ass.  Ben has my pussy stretched, I want you to fill me even more”


Brian dutifully did what was asked and removed the purple jeweled butt plug.  Some of my cum from earlier leaked out with the butt plug.  Using the cum as lubrication Brian slowly slide his long, thin cock into my wife’s ass.  His cock slid in easily, between the cum and the butt plug, she was well relaxed and took the cock up the ass easily.


“Hmmmmmmm!!  I love the full feeling right now.  I can feel your dick way up inside of me.  I’ve never had one that far up.  I love it!!!!”


Brian started to slide his 8” in and out of Denise’s ass.  After a couple of strokes he was in a good rhythm and Denise started moving back and forth on Ben’s monster in her pussy.  With each deep penetration Denise was getting more vocal and louder.


“Fuck my ass, fuck me harder”


“Oh god, my pussy.  You are splitting me in half Ben.”


“Brian, fuck me harder”




“Brad, get over here.  I want your cock too.”


“Fuck ALL my holes!  I want a cock in every hole.”


Brad, of course, went over and kneeled in front of Denise.


She took him into her mouth.  Brad is a little longer than I am.  She got most of his cock into her mouth and throat.  Sometimes she had all 9” in her mouth, but sometimes she gagged a little, but her pussy and ass were being pounded at the same time.


Brian grunted and said “I’m going to cum”


“Not yet he was told around Brad’s cock.”


Ben grunted and started to shot his white ropes of cum deep in Denise’s stretched pussy.


Denise and Brian screamed at the same time.


Brad only lasted a few more strokes in and out of her mouth before he came too.


Brian collapsed on to Denise on top of Ben.  Brad just rolled onto his back and laid there.


Meanwhile, Brittney and I weren’t just watching Denise and the three guys.  We started watching her take three cocks, but you can’t just watch.


I start between her legs licking her pussy.  Her juices are just leaking out with her arousal for the exhibition Denise is putting on.  Her pussy juices are tart, but very tasty.  I quickly find out her clit is very sensitive, so my tongue concentrates there.  She quickly reachers her first orgasm.


As she is coming down from the first orgasm I slide two fingers into her pussy.  As I suck on her clit I start fucking her pussy with my fingers.  She is pushing back against my hand with each stroke.


Brittney is getting more vocal with each stroke, but not as loud as Denise.








After she spasms from her second orgasm remove my fingers from her neatly trimmed pussy and start licking her pussy from clit to asshole.


Brittney jumps a little as my tongue brushes against her rosebud.  But she relaxes as I plunge my tongue into her pussy.


This time when my tongue goes from her clit to her asshole I linger and lick it more.


“What …… ooooooo” Brittney says


Back up and circling the clit.  Back down and this time I poke at her tight rosebud with my tongue.


“Hmmmmm, that is okay but nothing more.”


I don’t reply, I just nibble on her clit.  I grab her clit between my lips and rub my finger in her pussy lips and on her butt hole.


I gently push on the opening with the tip of my finger.  I apply pressure, but don’t enter her virgin ass, yet!!!


Back up to her pussy and then her ass.  I slide my finger in, up the the first knuckle and then stop.  I pull it out.


Brittney is just gasping and making happy noises.


I slide my finger into the second knuckle and stop to let her get adjusted.  To distract her I plunge my tongue into her pussy.


I slide my finger back to the first knuckle and this time I slide in all the way.


“UGggggg”, Brittney says.  “That didn’t hurt like I tho….”


She didn’t get to finish because I started sliding my finger in and out of her ass while licking her clit.


“Brittney, roll over onto you hands and knees.”


“I can’t with your finger in my butt!!!!!”


“Yes you can, now do it”.  So she rolled over while skewered on my finger.


Now this sweet young woman’s ass is pointing at me.  I have my finger in her butt.  And her swollen pussy lips, covered with bright red hair is waiting to be filled.  I slide my cock into her waiting pussy and start stoking in and out slowly.  I don’t want to cum yet.  It will be hard to hold off while fucking Brittney and watching my wife being fucked by three guys at once.  And Denise is loving every minute of it.


I alternate my finger and cock.  As my cock slides into her pussy I pull my finger back from her ass.  And as I ram my finger into her virgin ass I pull my cock out of her tight pussy.  I can feel Brittney have another orgasm as she squeezes tight on my dick.


I use this time of her bliss to both of our advantage.  I pull out of her and carefully slide my cock into her ass.


“No!!!  Go slow.  Hmmmmmm”


“Fuck me”


I slowly do a few strokes in and out of Brittney’s ass.  She shifts around and I can feel she is playing with her pussy and clit.


“Fuck me hard”


“Harder!  Fuck my ass harder”


Always willing to help a lady, I fuck her ass as hard as I can.  After no more that a minute, if that, of fucking Brittney’s very tight ass, I shoot my load deep into her bowels and collapse onto her back.


After we had recovered a little Brittney says “Did you enjoy the guys?”


“Oh yeah.  You should try your Brian’s cock up your ass.  It is made just right for that”, Denise replied.


The two girls giggle at that.


“Brian, please put the plug back in for me.  If you please”


To be continued? …..

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