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Sweating at the gym

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I went exercising last night in my tight black yoga pants and sports bra and was imagining you....over in the corner of the room where the free weights are...bare chested...you see me and flash a handsome smile my way...then you expertly position yourself behind a huge dumbbell weight and lift it without much effort for a moment and then ease it back to the waiting floor. My mouth is open because I have just witnessed one of the strongest...and sexiest...men I have ever laid eyes on. I watch individual glistening beads of sweat roll down your ripped chest to your gym shorts. Then my gaze lowers to the growing form within the fabric. When I look back up, our eyes lock. There is an obvious sexual energy between us. I walk over to you and gently trace my wet tongue over your lips while I fondle your manhood below.....you moan...then suddenly grab both of my ass cheeks and thrust my hips against yours while passionate kissing.... we drop down onto the floor mat and you begin to massage my already-wet crotch. We help remove each other's clothing and you quickly spread my legs with yours and enter my pussy in one swift motion. You fuck me with carnal abandonment....bringing us both to experience an amazing release of physical sensations and guttural sounds of delight....aaahhhhhhhh...  :D

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