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Fried Chicken Sex

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(HER)....you and I are sitting across from each other at the kitchen table finishing our fried chicken...you look at me sweeping my lips with my wet tongue...you come around and lick my lips...we get passionate and lip-lock into a deep French kiss...you suddenly sweep all the plates onto the floor with a crash and expertly position my body flat onto the scrap-laden table...you tear my pants and thong off and fling it into the air haphazardly. We press our bodies close in gyrating moves...you free your throbbing cock from your pants and enter my wet womanhood with one swift move....shock goes through our bodies...the pleasure is so intense I moan and yell out loud for you...you groan in response .... 

(HIM) Our hips move in perfect syncopation with our loins smacking together with increasing pace and intensity! Your chest is heaving and is flush as I feel your first intense orgasm grabbing my cock tightly which just makes me thrust into you harder and faster.

Your pussy spasms again as you cum again…when your grasp of my manhood lessens,

I withdraw and flip you over on the table and enter you SLOWLY but deeply from behind.  You thrust your pussy back hard wanting more…I continue slowly taking you deeply and intensely…

(HER) My need to cum again is strong...I get my knees positioned on the table in doggy fashion with my legs spread wider...you say to me " You want more of me, baby? I am here...I want you to feel ALL of me..."(in teasing way). You begin to make teasing circles with your finger around my anus....You thrust your cock in my tight pussy faster and I grab your ball sack in my eager hands...massaging and begging for release from you. You oblige with abandon...a piercing sound of pure carnal ecstasy releases from my breath...

(HIM) And we both cum with my juices filling your sweet cunny to overflowing! We both collapse on the table…and my cock withdraws from your drenched cave, as cum flows out of her and onto the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!

(HIM) You then look haughtily at me and ask........."What's for dessert?" with a wicked smile on your face!


(a creative work from me and a very special man I met on here in 2015)

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