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My wife and I went to the beach this morning. When we first got there she went for a walk like she usually does and I got naked and set up my fishing rods. When she got back she decided she was going to do all her physical therapy exercises there on the sand. But first she inserted her toy. When I saw her inserting hers I decided to do the same with mine. She kept doing her exercises and I kept fishing both of us enjoying vibrations. After quite a while she looked at me says do you want me to suck your dick and I don't care if anybody sees. I said sit down and have at it. She sat down on a beach chair and I straddled her and stuck my dick in her mouth. She sucked and sucked and all of a sudden she said I'm squirting, I'm squirting, oh my God I'm squirting. Hearing her say that I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down more onto my dick and had a huge orgasm. She squirted so much she's soaked her chair and a towel when she was sitting on. That's the most she has ever squirted in her life. Didn't catch many fish but who cares when you can have orgasms like that. 


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We don't have sex three or four times a week like others on here do. However, when we do have sex it is just one fantastic afternoon. and we never stop letting each other know how much we care. Anytime we walk by each other we give each other a hug or I squeeze her butt or she runs her hand on my crotch. I feel that a lot of times if you have sex a lot more often it just becomes sex. When we have it less frequently it is more about love. And in love is what we really are.

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