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i've been with my gf for 4 months now and she says she has never experienced and orgasm? when we have sex, her muscles in her vagina will contract and release (feels so good) and she'll squirt fluid out of her vagina! i'd class this as an orgasm.she says this isnt an orgasm? she also says it isnt because a clit orgasm feels like a explosion inside her, and the other just makes her feel good down there...... can some1 offer any advice?

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If she has had a clitoral orgasm, and this other orgasm feels different - she is probably right. She may be having a G-Spot orgasm - especially if you are noticing a lot of fluid squirting out of her. The problem is, that most G orgasms feel MORE intense than a clitoral orgasm! I am wondering about that. However, every woman is different, so perhaps it is just not as intense for her as it is for me or other women.

If she loves her clitoral O's then go for those......or try to combine the two, then you should have quite an explosion...

Good Luck!


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