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wow, you're hot! I wish I had someone that was that into me..................you're wife is very lucky.

I should note too, that the second half is nt always a man. A favorite "alternate ending" is a woman showing up. I've also used a M/F couple, and once I even substituted 2 guys...

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:o WOW! That was agood one that got me going for the day I liked that one please do another one I enjoyed reading that one it got my day started just right. Did you ever think about writing your erotic stories? because that one was really good.
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Please keep us informed B)

Well Down Low, the doc just put us off sex for 4 weeks (she is 7wks pregnant), so I will HAVE to come up with something else, and quick! As soon as I do, you will know it :unsure:

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My greatest fantasy is kind of two fold. My wife knows I enjoy watching her play with her toys, and is happy to oblige most of the time. She also knows how hot it gets me to know that she's playing before I get in the room. We've also talked about how horny it would make me to watch her from a hidden location, i.e. the closet, while she forgets all about me, takes her time, and just enjoys getting off! Almost without fail though, I am close at hand while she plays - which is fine 99% of the time. Just once though, I would love for this to happen:

We take a shower together and she jumps out first. I stay in for a couple more minutes, and she says as she walks out the door, "Don't be too long!" I hurry to get out and I can't help but notice how hard I am al of a sudden! I open the door and creep up the stairs, listening for any telltale noises coming from the bedroom. I stop just outside the bedroom door - from the light coming through the crack in the door I can tell she has the lava lamp on and some candles going. I can also hear the low hum of her vibrator.

I push open the door, and there she is on the bed, just getting up a good steam. I let my towel drop and move toward the bed, but she shakes her head no. I stop, intrigued, wondering what she has in store for me. She turns off her toy and pushes off the bed. She takes my hand and leads me to the closet. The closet door is between myself and the bed, with only a small crack of it visible from where I'm at. She pulls a couple of silk handkerchiefs out of the drawer and ties each of my hands to the shelf at shoulder level. She does know what I like!

She asks me if I want to watch, to which I answer my only reply. "God, yes." I say to her, "I want you to think about whatever you want, so long as it's not me - and don't worry, I promise I will NEVER ask what you were thinking about!" "Don't make promises you won't keep!" she says. "I promise." She smiles that beautiful, coy smile and says, "Well, you might be here for a while so I think I'm gonna take care of you now - I might not have the energy when I'm done!" My eyes close and my hands start to go numb as she teases my nipples before dropping and taking me in her mouth. An embarassingly short time later she stands, wipes off her mouth and says, "Isn't this fun?" She smiles, kisses my neck, and floats back to the bed.

To this day, I don't know what she was thinking about, but she did exactly as I asked. I made not a sound, and with her eyes closed, I'm sure it wasn't me she had in mind! I don't care, I was hard again after just a few minutes of watching. She took her time, teasing us both, before she finally caved in and rode out a wave of orgasms. It's one of those experiences I will fantasize about til I'm an old man.

So there that fantasy is. It hasn't happened yet, but someday... well, here's hoping. The second fantasy totally builds off of the first, and if I thought THAT one got me going, oh my GOD...!!! This is my best ever! Seriously, I might have to go take care of things before I finish... AHHH... so, without further ado, here it is:

It's two days later, and I can 't stop thinking about it. Just then, D calls and she tells me to get home from work ASAP. God I wish she wouldn't do that - she knows I sit across the aisle from the boss, and now I have a hard-on! I sit in agony for about twenty minutes until finally, at ten minutes to three, I think "Fuck it, I gotta go!"

I hurry home and in the door - she is nowhere downstairs which can only mean one thing. I slip up the stairs and pause outside the bedroom door. There it is again, that hum that tells me she's started without me. I open the door and sure enough, she is splayed out on the bed. There's already a wet spot on the sheets, and I moan involuntarily. I fumble my way to nakedness, and again she stops me with a shake of her head as I start to climb in the bed. She gets up, leads me to my "spot", and restrains me as before. I say to her, "I take it you enjoyed yourself the other day?" She smiles and says, "You have no idea!"

"This time I thought I'd do something a little bit different.", she says. "Like what?", I ask. "Well, I thought this time I might show you what I was thinking about last time..." - There's that coy little smile at the corner of her mouth as she waits for me to connect the dots. "And what was that?", I wonder. "Ah-ah", she scolds, "you said you'd NEVER ask!" I quickly apologize and she asks, "Is that something you might want to see?" I say, "I think you already know the answer to that question..." She just smiles and gives me those bedroom eyes.

She teases me just a bit, then starts sucking me (again!) with a lot of enthusiasm. Just as I'm approaching the point of no return, the doorbell rings. My first thought is, "What SHITTY timing!", - that is, until I look down at her. How a woman can smile, innocently look up, and still not miss a beat while giving head is beyond me, but that is exactly what she does. I quickly go over the edge.

"I should probably go get that, huh?" she says. My eyes roll back in my head. She smiles, kisses me softly and whispers in my ear, "I'll be right back - be quiet, ok?" I nod my understanding. She closes the door so that I can still just see, slips on her robe, and leaves the room. I hear the front door open and close, then nothing for what seems an eternity. Then I hear them start coming up the stairs, but they never make it to the top of the stairs. I can't see anything of what's going on, but after a minute or two I hear her begin to moan. I look down to see that I never went down when she finished me. God I'm so turned on! I finally hear her purr softly, "C'mon, let's finish going upstairs!" Her companion mutters something, but tells me in that little bit that she's with a guy! I literally twitch with anticipation.

They enter the room, she's leading him by the hand. He is still fully clothed, but as her robe falls open I get the feeling this is about to change. They stop at the bed, she turns and they share a deep, passionate kiss as he cups her buttock in his hand. She starts taking his clothes off and I gasp really softly as I see his package for the first time...

Now I have a perfectly average penis, but this thing that falls out of his boxers is fully bit of ten inches long with the girth to match! She gasps a little, too, and takes it in her hand. I watch as she carbon copies what she did to me, only now she is having a hard time wrapping her lips around it. She is fantastic at what she does, and he is about to explode quickly. He pulls her off just in time and helps her to her feet. They kiss again, and again he cups her ass in his hands... God I love that ass!

He pushes her gently onto the bed, and I finally get to see the show I missed on the stairs. He kneels and slowly kisses and suckles between her legs. While he's occupied, she risks a glance at me. I can see the color start to come into her face as she moans in ecstasy. As she gets closer and closer to orgasm, he speeds up until she practically screams out, "Oh, GOD!!!" She pulls him to his feet and says, "I just want you in me!"

He holds her feet up as she brings him in for landing. "Slow!", she says, "it's so fuckin' big!" Her eyes roll back as he slowly slides partway in, then pulls back. He does this several times, putting it a little farther in each time to gasps of pleasure from her. She finally wraps her legs around him and says, "God, fuck me hard, do it!" He is quick to oblige, and she comes again, then (as do I) one more time as he finishes.

That's pretty much where it ends - mind you I don't really want that half of the fantasy to happen (at least I don't think I do) but by GOD, does it turn me on thinking about it! She is currently pregnant and is at a stage where she has no sex drive at ALL, so I have been using that 2-3 times a day to get me through. So far, it has not gotten old and while I hope she gets her drive back soon, my balls are getting a workout in the meantime! Let me know what you think...

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