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hi y'all, I'm a single 30yr old m, in USA.

I love anal. From doing it to the porn it has overtook my sexual life and I gotta say I'm not ashamed. Of course I'm the top and I am hetero,  so women only. But I have been with other men in the past.

I'm posting because I have been dating "escorts" online, and it's becoming quite a burden on my finances & somewhat on my emotional health. I dont want to be seeking out these types of women anymore. It's expensive and in some ways dangerous.

I prefer being in a relationship. I prefer manogomy so by no means I'm a player and I'm usually quite satisfied with my other half when I have one. But its become a way of life mostly because of the simplicity of finding someone to engage when all I have to do is pay.

I know times are weird right now with the pandemic but to tell you the truth I'm not too worried about it as long as people aren't showing symptoms. But i do not want this to be a debate about the pandemic. 

My question is where do i find my booty queen? It's not that I'm shallow but i want love, and ass. And i dont want to date "escorts" anymore. Any suggestions?

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I wish I had a smooth Wall in my shower. My vibrating cock doesn't attach. I tried attaching it to a mirror but it scares me that it might break when I start getting too active.

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