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ive never had sex before until the other day, im not circumsised and the condom felt really weird, also she was really wet, but the condom kept drying out, also, because it was my first time i kept getting distracted and i kept getting soft, do you reccomend one of those cock rings? im a noob so go easy on me, all i really want is for her to enjoy it, she says it was good, and im glad but i want to be better, do you have any adice for me?

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Ah, the unmistakable tunes of Performance Anxiety.....

Hon, uncircumsized or not, these things happen. And, being it was your first time, I'm sure that this was just that, performance anxiety. Too much worrying of whether you're doing it right, is she feeling good, OMG, this feels good, am I hard enough, all of that jazz is bound to make your Soldier want to take cover!

Easier said than done, try not to worry about all of that. Sex, like Howard said, is suppose to be fun, not work or a chore!!

Enjoy the feelings, go with it. It's one of the few things in life that you're really suppose to not over-think while doing!!! (Except before, when the thought of safe sex should be first and foremost). You both WILL get better at pleasuring each other. Just take some time, enjoy yourself, don't stress, and have fun with it!! Listen to her cues as to what feels good, and teach her what she does or could do to make you go WOW! too!! ;)

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