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The Joys of Tickling


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I'm a new member here, having bought many products from TooTimid with complete satisfaction.  Maybe the most personal thing about my sex life is that I love to tickle my wife and watch tickling videos.   It's a turn on to tie her to the bed and tickle the daylights out of her while we're having sex, especially because she's so willing to please me in this way.  She teases me with her gorgeous feet and encourages me to suck her toes because she knows I crave that!   My fantasy is to buy a tickle chair for our house , put her feet in the stocks, and indulge myself by tickling her sexy feet whenever I feel horney.   Then going to bed with her for everything else!   My question is:  Do you think I'm "weird" or do you get turned on by ticking, too?

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Tickle away by all means. Consent is the key which you appear to share with your wife.

We all have our bents and fetishes.

May I suggest her struggling and playful distress from being tickled gives you a sense of power?

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