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As I walk out of the lawyer office I try to hold my tears and exude self confidence. I do not understand if they are happy tears or sad. The last 16 years of my life are now officially over. My now ex husband and his girlfriend are laughing and skipping out of the doors in front of me........

Skipping and hand holding was a part of him I never got. I got anger and guilt and yelling and even a slap or two, but I see the 46 year old man that I married laughing and fucking skipping with his 21 year old girlfriend. My stomach rolls at the sight of the two of them. My head hung low I continue out of the doors and to my car. I feel pain and anger and amazingly enough relief. The feeling shocks me. For years I lived in his shadow, always walking in egg shells around him. The constant fear and worry fade away as I see them pull into the highway. I am free. FREE!!!!! I can now decide what and when I do with no worry about repercussions. 
Driving home and new feeling takes over. A feeling I haven’t felt in years. Happiness. I catch myself singing along with the radio and smiling and waving at strangers. Two more stoplights and I’ll be home. I’ve taken 3 weeks of well deserved vacation time to redo my house to make it me. And I’m excited! I’ve planned new paint colors and rugs and I’ve bought a new bed. Finally I feel that my life is mine. 
I awaken the next morning eager to start. Late last night I packed away living room items and covered the floors with plastic in anticipation of starting my renovation. Tying my hair up I turn on the shower and turn to look at myself in the mirror. For a 42 year old woman I guess I’m not bad. I have large tits 42dd and smaller waist and a nice ass. Leg and arm muscles are strong and defined. My hair is still silky even though I’ve found a couple of gray there recently. I step into the steamy shower and think about the project I’m undertaking. Giddiness is the only word I can use. Quickly washing I hurriedly exit the shower and decide that it’s my house now and I’ll dress however I damn well please. Tank top with no bra and some short shorts. I decide against underwear because I can! Another quick peep in the mirror and I see that my nipples are showing thru the tank. I slowly rub my thumb over them and they get harder. Glancing at the clock I see that I have 47 minutes before the handyman I hired will be there. That’s enough time I think to myself. I ease my hand down to my pussy and touch my lips. Slowly slid my finger inside the folds are feel the moisture. I’m so ready to cum already I jump into the bed and hunt my vib out of the drawer beside my bed. Lifting my tank to that I can play with my tits I slowly insert the vib into my wet pussy. Turning it onto the strongest setting I pinch and play with my nipples as I loose myself in pleasure. Rubbing my clit I decide I need more. Slipping off the bed I attach the suction cup to the wall and sink onto all fours. I back onto the delicious toy and feel the orgasm building. Pinching my nipples I slide faster and faster onto the dildo until I feel the ripple of pleasure take over my body. My pussy pulses around my toy and the cum drips down my legs. My belly is tingling and I think I can hear bells. Mmmmmmmm damn this feels so good. More bells. Holy shit it’s the doorbell I realize. Jumping up I bolt out of my bedroom and down the stairs while trying to get the tank top down and the shorts pulled into a proper position. I hurriedly open the front door to a mountain of  a man. He’s well over 6 foot, broad in the chest, tight black t shirt and ripped jeans and work boots. His voice is deep as he introduces himself as the handyman I’ve hired. Jack is his name and I can think is I’d like to jack him off and let him cum all over me. Shaking the thoughts out of my head I invite him in. 
“Please excuse the mess” I say as he steps into the living room. 
“The house is beautiful. I have a deep appreciation of older homes” he says and he glances around my partially restored 1890s home. 
“Let me show you the kitchen where you’ll be working. Follow me please” I lead the way down the hall to the kitchen. Laying on the table is the drawings I came up with. I show him what I’d like and he agrees that it’s totally doable. 
Leaving him to get started I realize that I’m still wet and horny. All I can think of is I’d like for him to fuck me. Hard and fast. Rough and deep. Anyway he’d like. Without realizing, I loose myself in my thoughts and begin to rub my nipples thru the tank top. My mind wonders as I imagine what his rough hands would feel like on my skin and how his beard would feel against my neck. Suddenly I hear him say excuse me. Damn! My hands drop from my tits and my face flushes red. “I’m sorry” I stammer. “ I got lost in my thoughts” Jack steps forward and says I got a couple of questions. The first one is about the sink layout. I want it under the window and the plumbing will have to be shifted but it’s doable. The second question surprises me. “Would you like me to rub those for you” he ask as his finger grazes my hard aching nipple. My mouth gapes open and I can’t catch my breathe. He chuckles and steps forward agin. I feel the cool wall against my back and his heat on my front. “Let me help you with this problem” he says as I feel his tough hands lifting my shirt over my head. I my only response is to moan and arch toward him. His hands find my tits and I feel him pinch my nipples and then the warmth of his mouth close over my nipple. I feel his tongue and his teeth and the combination is driving me insane. It’s been so long. My hands drop to his hair and I urge him to continue without words. I feel his hands drop to the waistband of my shorts without ever letting go of my tit with his mouth. My shorts slide down and legs and pool at the ankles. I kick them away and spread my legs as an invitation to him. “Let’s go upstairs” he says and picks me up and dashes up the steps 2 at a time. “Which way?” I point to the bedroom door and he kicks it open and lays me on the bed. As I lay naked on the bed in front of him he strips his shirt and boots off. “Pinch your nipples for me. Like you were doing downstairs” I begin to pinch and pull my nipples watching his pants unbutton and seeing his overly large cock peeking out. “I’m not gentle. I like it rough” he says.”if it’s to much tell me and I’ll slow down”. Right then I’m nothing but a liquid pool of fire. I want him so bad and I don’t care how he does it as long as I feel him inside me. He drops his head and begins licking around my wet pussy. His fingers slam into me and he bites my clit. He’s finger fucking me and sucking my clit. I feel his tongue slip into me and I know I can’t wait. “I’m gonna cum” I scream and I feel more than hear him giggle. He continues his delicious torture in my clit and I feel his fingers slowly sliding into my ass. I feel so much that I can’t decide what feels better. He picks up the pace in my ass and with his tongue in my clit. I’m gonna cum again and I know it. I think he does too because he starts sucking my pussy. Sucking so hard that when I cum I can feel it going straight into his mouth. I quiver and shake in the bed and he smiles up at me and says “hold on baby it’s gonna be a wild ride” I feel the head of his cock between my pussy lips and he’s large. Suddenly he flips me on top of him and says “I wanna watch those tits bounce while I fuck you”. He slams his massive cock into my pussy and I feel so full. Fuller than I’ve ever been. Wetter than I’ve ever been. He grabs my wrist and pins them to my hips as he starts pounding me. His dick is so thick and long. I’ve never felt this full. I feel the orgasm building and throw my head back. He says “baby hold that orgasm for me. “ Releasing my hands he grabs my legs and flips me over underneath him. As he bites my neck , I can’t hold on any more and I scream as the orgasm shakes my entire body. He fucks me like I haven’t ever been fucked before. I moan and scream and shake as I feel another one building. Suddenly he stops and says get on all fours. I comply readily and I hear a strange noise. Like a popping sound. I feel him entering my pussy again from behind but I realize it’s my dildo. He pushes it into me as far as it will go and slides the head of his cock  into my ass. I tense because he is so large and I feel him slap my ass. He fucks me with the dildo until I relax and I feel him at my ass again. “Let me in baby please” he croons. With him fucking me with my dildo I relax and he eases into my ass. I feel his massive cock and the dildo and I know that I’m gonna cum again. Hard. He starts sliding in and out with the same movement as the dildo. This feeling is amazing. The dildo stops moving and he starts really pounding my ass. His hand grabbing my hair and his fingers flipping my clit are to much. I feel a sensation I’ve never felt before and realize I’m squirting. My hot cum shoots all over him and he groans. I feel his hot cum in my ass and feel his body on mine and I cum again. He slides out of me and grabs my hips and brings my pussy to his mouth. He sucks my pussy and cleans me with his tongue. As he collapses on to the bed I realize what I’ve been missing all these years......

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Wow what a story. Got hard while reading it and  had to jerk off by time I finished. 

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