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Well to say we have a fun sex life is an understatement, we have had many sexcapades as my wife likes to call them ranging from voyeur sex, threesomes, soft bondage, mild bdsm, role play etc. but my wife is the consummate jokester in and out of the bedroom but sometimes there are more serious issues to deal with.

The other day she calls me to the bedroom not in a playful manner but in a more serious voice saying I need your help, so naturally I went down the hall and into the master bedroom where she is seated on the bed  fully dressed but wearing only a pair of panties, she has this look on her face and says I need you  to check out my pussy , with a smile on my face I'm just the man for the job, no seriously it's burning and I felt something inside maybe its a cyst I need you to look closely I tried with a mirror but can't see anything but I can feel it. So I think oh shit she's serious and switch into concerned husband mode she seats herself on the edge of the bed and has me pull off her panties and takes up the "M" pose. So I'm down on my knees looking at her pussy and tell her I am not seeing anything, are you sure I feel it look closer so I do as she asked and still nothing she said look inside spread my lips and feel gently if you have to still with  a very concerned tone in her voice. I spread her labia and and now looking inside when all of a sudden I get showered in a gusher  of fluid and I mean gusher. It went all over my face and mouth you name it. I am shocked to say the least but this bodily fluid has a strangely familiar taste, I instinctively pulled my head away  when i heard her laughing hysterically saying oh baby look again and another gusher spouts from her soaking wet pussy. I was shocked to say the least and she is laughing so hard she says I'm going to pee myself for real , she laughs and says taste it, what she said taste it so I start licking her pussy and just looked at her still laughing she reaches for the other side of the bed and comes up with a bottle of champagne.  She had taken the bottle and inserted it in her pussy and basically filled it up and pulled her panties back up after placing the bottle out of sight she told me she was holding back when she knew the moment was right she pressed won on her abdomen causing the gusher of champagne to shower my face.

She was still laughing and so was I at this point saying you got me good I must admit but told her well now I just have to make sure your clean as a whistle which I thoroughly did. We had just about finished when her cell phone rings and its her girlfriend  and she instantly goes into serious mode saying the same things to her that she said to me, saying I need you to check it for me but don't say anything to Bobby. I helped refill  her pussy and slipped on and new pair of fresh dry panties. When we heard Barbie come in the kitchen through the garage I ducked into my office so as not to be so conspicuous, still dressed in her business attire Barbie tossed her blazer on one of the chairs and got down on her knees saying oh baby what's wrong are you in pain and immediately went to  inspecting Lori's pussy and I heard oh my you're all wet and drippy within seconds I hear what the fuck! oh what the hell. I entered to see Barbies with a champagne soaked face and soaked blouse, she started laughing along with both of us, looking at me she says oh so you were in on this, laughing I said she got me too. Babried laughed and said you got me but hey why let it go to waste and went down her Lori lapping her pussy bringing her top her second orgasam of the afternoon. When everything  finished she got up saying yes  and who got to cum twice pointing at herself with her thumbs.

Its all  just a part of what makes our lives together fun

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