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Ok ladies, admit it, sometimes when you find yourself all alone you really enjoy a little masturbation time! I sure do, and when my hubby is away and my son is asleep I can really devote some time to my personal satisfaction. Last night was one of those nights. Quiet house, fireplace lit, candles going and a new toy AND a new Adult Feature all just for ME!

I usually watch my porn with my hubby, but last night he was unavailable so what the heck, it turns me on this the same with or without him. I got naked and cuddled up under a blanket in my living room and put in my new movie, "A Devil's Tail" starring Asia Carrera.


I popped it in the DVD player and began. This film is actually the third in a series by Simon Wolf, and as I have heard of him I was anxious to watch. I will say that I found this to be typical porn, as the story line really isn't discernable. There is a vague attempt at what is a complex storyline, but all in all it is just a few lines amidst some great sex. Yes, great sex - something for everyone - oral, anal, double penetration with 2 guys, threesomes - Female, Female, Female as well as Male, Male, Female - AND a foursome - Male, Female, Female, Female - now THAT was hot!

There is an overabundance of women getting oral sex - so if you like this - you will be amply satisfied. Beaufiful women - including the famous Asia Carerra - all giving and receiving oral, anal and everything in between!

The cruscendo of the evening for me came when two beautiful Asian women and a gorgeous, busty blonde perform a sensual threesome in front of a handsome man who eventually joins in. This is what finally did me in and I had to watch and play simultaneously.

One of my new toys was making its deput, the Spiral Torpedo.


This fantastic toy is really a revolution. It is made of jelly, BUT it is firm and looks like a high-end glass toy. Its beautiful blue color combined with deep, spiral ridges all the way up and down the shaft really make this toy a fantastic feel. PLUS, it has great, poweful vibrations that you can change from a constant to a pulse - now that is great.

I began by teasing my clit with the vibrations on high - FANTASTIC - then I inserted the toy. It is super, smooth and sensuous- 8 " long and 1.5 " wide it is perfect to stimulate your insides. The spiral shaft really added to the sensations, stimulating the sides of my vagina. It didn't take long for my orgasm to build - this fantastic toy combined with the scene on the film - I was in orgasmic bliss!

I removed the toy to stimulate my clit and BAM - a series of orgasms hit me hard! I am most certain that I was the first to cum out of me and the 3 ladies on the screen! All in all a very, very relaxing evening at home!

I would recommend this toy to ANYBODY! It is fantastic and would be good for anal as well as vaginal penetration. It takes 2 AAA batteries and is easy to clean! You can use it with any type of lubricant, and always wash in hot, soapy water.

The movie is decent - not fantastic - but for 9.99 for a double DVD set - it is a bargain! If you want to see beautiful women having hot sex - then this is a DVD for you.

I had my double punch last night - how many of you want to do the same???

Happy relaxing!




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