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Mother's Day


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Today I told my wife being it was  Mother's Day it was going to be her choice as to what she wants me to do to her or what she wants to do to me. Everything was up to her. After we showered and cleaned up we put on some porn and jumped into bed. Had some wine and we started giving each other a massage. Used coconut oil all over outside and in. She started with me and when she got down to my ass she stuck her finger way inside of me full of coconut oil and it felt great. Then she stuck here finger deep inside me while she started sucking on my cock. Just as I was ready to come I pulled my cock out of her mouth and I said what do you want me to do to you. So I massaged her also and we put her we vibe into her which I controlled. Then she wanted to do some 69. I got on top of her and I started fucking her throat and she was throwing her hips into my mouth. We both came and then rolled over and had some more wine and started watching more porn. And then I said I wanted to eat her pussy and she immediately spread her legs. I got down between her thighs and turned her we vibe around where part was in her pussy and the other in her asshole while my mouth was all over her clit. She came and her hips were throbbing up and down into my face. She then wanted me to climb on top of her and  face fuck her. I did and I came a second time. We then rolled over watching more porn, relaxed, drank some more wine and then I said I want to stick my finger in you and feel around for your g-spot to see how swollen it was. As soon as I put my finger inside her and felt  her engorged g-spot she came immediately and squirted all over the place. I said I wonder how that would taste and she said I don't know. So I put my head down between her legs and lapped up all her pussy juice. She then said I want to suck your cock some more until you come. I said twist my arm. So she got down between my legs keep pushing on my prostate toy and sucked and bit on my cock. I came again. By that time both of us were so sensitive and tender that we decided that was about it for the day. I can't wait till Father's Day when it's my turn teaches what we do.

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