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13 minutes ago, Emily9797 said:

Why did he fuck me for ten years act like he was going to marry me and have kids and get engaged to me just to keep putting it off??? No we don’t live together but he fucks me a lot 

1. He was never committed to marriage.

2. The thought of marriage scares him.

3. You gave him what he wanted, sex and sounds like you still do and kids!

4. Lastly and I hope I'm wrong, but he may have another woman or wife and now as Elvis Sung "he's caught in a trap and he can't walk out, because he loves you too much baby!"


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You said he fucked you for 10 years etc etc. In your profile you say you're 24. Does that mean he was having sex with you when you were only 14 years old. If so that's another situation all together

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He clearly doesn't want too be committed to you. 

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