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please help/recommendations/ P-spot and g spot

Farm Hermit

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been looking for a anal toy and have been through almost a dozen toys in the last 4 months and just haven't been able to find one that checks all the boxes for me. one has the motor in the tip, vibe strength is powerful but its too short, another is perfect size, shape and length but terrible vibration and too soft.  finding something with a suction cup that rates high in the other areas? impossible:(

currently looking at thrusting vibes with a suction base like the Maia Monroe lately but alot of what I'm reading i feel like it will just be another expensive disappointment. as alot of the reviews say the vibration tends to be weak and the majority of toys like this stop or seize midthrust.

just tired of spending money on all these toys that are disappointing. it's frustrating



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I know what you mean which is why often I ask on here and look at the recommendations. Also go to amazon and see if it there and check out any reviews there for the same product. If I can find it at a local store I go look at it and ask questions. Gives  me a chance to shop price too. There lots of junk out there and I had more then my disappointments. For me I found the prostate massagers work for me but my wife dosnt really get any satisfaction from pegging. She did it a couple times and I have more luck getting the finger with a glove so when it comes to anal I pretty much get to be the giver as she prefers recieving but I want to switch. It only fair.  As for recieving it mostly during masterbation time. 

I done a dildo a few times but the turn on mostly with her being in control not just the feeling  of being filled. I prefer using an item closer to my size because I want to feel what my wife feels.  It to bad I cant fuck myself  the way I would like 

Most the time I find the prices here to be slightly cheaper with the discounts and saves me time from running all over town especially with todays gas prices. 




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