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Anyone tried an Anal Hose?

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Ok you sexperts, 

have any of you tried using an Anal Hose? Or Anal Snake?

I was searching for new butt toys when I came upon a Tapered Anal Hose.  Never heard of one before but looks extremely intriguing! Length can vary from 13 inches up to 22 inches and girth varies by length.

I am tempted to order one to try but thought I would see if anyone has experience or knowledge of the pros and cons of using one.  The reviews are all very favorable, with most reporting about how great the feeling of being filled deep is. And a lot of reviews say the best part is the feeling of it coming out.

looking forward to what you fine horny folks have to say.  Thanks!!

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That’s a new one for me. But very interesting. Since they come in several sizes maybe start with a smaller one? Available on Amazon but what isn’t. Might make a great Christmas gift! Keep you posted on that.

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