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Sexless marriage


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I am an older man in his 70's who still desires sex.  My wife is about 7 years older and has been through a lot medically.  She is no longer able to have sex.  She also believes we are both too old to need it. I would never leave her and do not want to break her heart by doing so or cheating. Since my urges are still so strong, I have become addicted to searching and enjoying porn then satisfying myself while fantasizing.  Am I a bad person for doing so?  I do have to admit I carried it farther a few times by signing up on adult dating sites.  It was interesting but I quickly saw through them as scams that used women to just keep you buying credits and spending money.  There were so many women claiming to live in the same small city that said things about meeting up at a location that I KNEW did not exist here, among other things. Another example was asking the same question over and over multiple times.  Any suggestion how this old man can satisfy his needs without guilt?

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Sorry that your wife can no longer have sex to satisfy your needs. Being in your seventies doesn't mean that you're dead sexually. I disagree with your wife that being that age you do not need sex. We all need it and if you crave it keep doing it. I totally agree with your assessment about not wanting to cheat so visiting a forum like this and then fantasizing and taking care of things in your own hands could be very satisfying. I know it is for me. I also found that various types of toys is very stimulating. Good luck and have fun

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