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Spontaneous sex


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My wife and I were doing chores outside the house today and it was a really pretty day. Sun was shining and it was nice and warm. We were eating lunch and the sun was so warm I decided it totally strip down. She looked at me, just smiled and said I'm going to go take a shower. I sat there and finished my lunch and my beer and enjoyed a nice sun on my body. I went into the bedroom and she was drying her hair and had a towel around her. I pulled the towel down and started fondling her breasts and nibbling on her neck. She said do you want to play. I smiled and said I'll take a shower and I'll be right back. After my shower we gave each other sensual massages and I told her about my dream the other night. I said I'd like to reenact that. So after our massages we started playing with each other and then she climbed up on top of me and mounted me and inserted my cock in her pussy. She rubbed back and forth and then she came. When I knew she came it  was enough to make me explode as well. She then scooted up and stuck her pussy in my face and rubbed her pussy real hard back and forth on my mouth. I reached around and stuck my thumb in her ass while she was rubbing me and it sent over the top and she squirted all over me. After that she got off, looked down and said to me did you come or do you want some more. I said yes and yes. She then proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs she's ever did. I exploded again really hard and pulled her head down and almost gagged her. Great afternoon of spontaneous sex. I'm hard again thinking about it. Here's a picture of me soaking up the sun waiting for her to finish her shower.


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Thank you for sharing that. Spontaneous is usually the best. You both are lucky to have each other. BTW, reading that and imagining the entire thing got ME horny and hard.

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