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Sometimes you come across a toy that seems so interesting, intriguing or just plain funny looking that you HAVE to try it! You can’t always determine how the toy will perform just by looking at it – but you don’t care ‘cause you just have GOT to try it. This was the case with this toy – when I saw it in my latest TooTImid box, I just HAD to have it!!!


This vibrator is very interesting – it has thousands of little silicone dollops – it looks like a decorated cake! Well, this tasty treat does much more for you than adding extra pounds to your thighs – it can deliver the gift of pleasure!

I had two thoughts when I first saw this item: first, that it looked like it would either be really stimulating or really painful; and second, I wondered if it would be too small to satisfy me. Well, let me assure you, I found this item extremely stimulating, not at all painful, and it was large enough to satisfy me – again and again!

The specifics of this toy are impressive: made of silicone; waterproof; high to low, adjustable, powerful vibrations; 6.6” long and 1.5” wide; a slightly enlarged, rounded head and so darn cute it will make an excellent addition to any lady’s toy box!! When I played with this toy, it did more for me than I originally thought – I am always amazed at what I don’t think of right away when I see a new toy.

My hubby was helping me to play with this toy – he inserted the 2 AA batteries and turned it on – it is relatively quiet. He ran the toy over my nipples – and the little silicone peaks really grabbed and teased my skin and nipples in a wonderfully sensual manner. When he got to my vagina, I was wondering about inserting it. The peaks are soft, but I still had concerns. He concentrated on my clit first – running the toy up and down between my lips. When the tip hit my clit (hey look, a rhyme) I was in heaven! Softly grabbing, stimulating, teasing me – it took no time at all for me to orgasm!

I was ready then for him to insert the toy – we lubed it up (REMEMBER: never use a silicone lube with a silicone toy) it inserts easily – it is small enough that it gently slid in, but large enough that it made a sensual impression on the insides of my vagina. I could feel the peaks gently grabbing my insides, tantalizing me from the inside out – it was divine! I was very impressed with the sensations!

With my hubby playing with my clit and inserting this toy – I came over and over and over again…….you can’t argue with those kind of results. This toy was a BIG surprise for me – and it really did wonders for me. The fact that it is waterproof AND silicone are two big selling points as far as I am concerned! Soft, supple, fun – this toy has it all – plus thousands of silicone pleasure peaks! Give the Taffy Tickler a chance to tickle your fancy!

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