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Honeysucker Bee Hands-free Vibe


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My latest box from TooTimid was a bounty of toys that I have been dieing to try, and the first that I pulled out was the Honeysucker Bee Hands-Free Vibe! There are a billion things I loved about this toy. The vibe is a shaped soft jelly honey bee around a powerful, highly adjustable bullet. The vibe plugs into the control pad, (that I believe is interchangeable with other Nasstoys vibes). The control pad is one of my favorites yet, there are 8 vibe functions and 8 vibe speeds. There is GOING to be a vibe setting on her that will suck the honey out of your clit, I promise. The bee has straps coming out of its wings for around your waist and legs, and the straps are easily adjustable and definitely higher quality elastic than the other strap-in toys I’ve tried.


Last night while giving my boyfriend head, I remembered the existence of my new toy. I quickly strapped myself in, handed him the control pad, and went back to work. I loved about this vibe’s ability to effectively build to an orgasm. With a great range of vibe speed, it gives you a more natural orgasm than some of the ulta powerful one speed vibes that definitely make you cum, but in less than 30 seconds. My boyfriend took me through all the speeds on all the functions (which get progressively crazier), and he loved how much I was moaning while giving him head. We even came at the same time because of how much control he had over me. My orgasm was absolutely delicious, and my favorite from a toy yet.

I liked this toy because of the quality of the vibe and functions, as well as the ability to actually hand over the control to your lover. My boyfriend really felt like he could play with ME with this toy, making it much more hot for him. The vibe was quiet, but would be noticeable in ordinary situations, however could be concealed at a movie theater or louder place. I HIGHLY recommend this toy for clitoral stimulation, alone, during foreplay or during sex, its one of my favorites yet!

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I LOVE NASSTOY toys!!!! Great review, thanks for sharing!

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