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I have to say, I LOVE personal massagers! They serve a dual purpose – relaxation and stimulation. This massager by Natural Contours definitely fits the bill in both areas! This massager has so many wonderful characteristics that you too will instantly fall in L O V E! Let me explain:

First, it is LIGHTWEIGHT (L) – you can use it for long periods of time without straining to hold it.

Second, it OSCILLATES (O) – the head swerves around and around rapidly and hits those aching muscles – or the parts you are aching to stimulate.

Third, it is VERSATILE (V) – this massager goes from back, legs or thighs to…..well, any other part you want!

Fourth, it is ERGONOMIC (E) – this means the unique swivel of the handle makes it easy to grab, use and stimulate. It is just as easy for left or right handers. It is this unique design that enables you to reach your neck, spine, back or anywhere else!

I used this massager (after the required 10 hours of charge time) on my neck, back, legs and thighs. It was very relaxing, easy to use and fairly quiet. When my hubby came home, I used it on his back and shoulders and neck – and when he felt better he asked if we could use it elsewhere – which we did.

WOOOOWWWWIIIIEEE! The rapid rotation of the soft head on this massager will bring you to orgasm again and again and again – and fast! I had too many orgasms to count in a super short amount of time! I would recommend this product to ANYONE for ANY REASON! Men, women – hey, even use it on your kids when they have sports aches or pains – just wash it after more intimate use!

So why not try this massager out – and find out for yourself why this product LOVES you back!


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