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Learn to LOVE yourself – in any way you want! Fun Factory’s new AMOR 100% Silicone studly pleaser will have you loving yourself over and over and over again! This sturdy silicone dong is suitable for individual play, harness use or anal penetration – how will YOU love yourself?


I am usually not a big proponent for non-vibrating toys – but I must say, this one really did the trick for me. I decided since it was a decent size – 5” long and 1.5 “ wide – that I could use it for anal penetration. The silicone makes it smooth and supple – which I felt would aid in penetration.

I utilized my hubby’s assistance with this toy – he lubed up my anus and the toy (NON SILICONE LUBE PLEASE) and inserted it slowly in. It felt divine! The firm, yet pliable silicone mixed with the small, natural bend and head really made this feel like it was a real penis penetrating me! After a few moments of penetration, my hubby positioned himself for some good ole’ double penetration doggy style!

When he entered me vaginally I felt like I was going to explode! I added some clitoral stim and BAM orgasm after orgasm – with my hubby soon following! The only thing he missed were the vibrations going through to his penis – but he said the firmness and pressure of the toy was enough for him!

I will definitely be washing up this toy and trying for some G-Spot penetration – I have a feeling it will be just firm enough for that! I would recommend this toy to ANYONE – male or female – for vaginal or anal penetration. Silicone toys are definitely an investment, but if you take care of them, they can last a lifetime! Just remember to always wash your toys thoroughly in hot, soapy water (or, for this toy you can run it through the dishwasher) before you use them again, or go from anal to vaginal play! I would be interested to see how this product performs in a strap-on harness as well! There are many ways to love yourself – but the AMOR is one of the most fun ways hands down!

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