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Do you like dual actions? Have you always wanted to try one? Do you like the sensation of being full and having clitoral stimulation? Well, then this is DEFINITELY the toy for you! I realize that there are probably at least 20 different “rabbit” toys available, all with their own special, little twist. I have tried many of these toys and am always astounded at the slight differences between them. So, you might be asking yourself, what sets this toy apart from the rest? Here is my answer:

First and foremost, this toy is a bit larger girth wise than some of the other dual action rabbit toys available. It is 1.5” wide – at least those are the factual specs – but it feels a lot larger inserted. The shaft is also more rigid, which makes it feel bigger than it actually is. Secondly, the bunny is shaped differently and extends up higher than others that I have tried. Third, it is waterproof, which really sets it apart as many of the other rabbit duals are NOT waterproof. Finally, it does NOT have the rotating pleasure beads in the shaft, but many women don’t like those anyway.

I was excited to play with my new toy – and I decided to utilize the waterproof function. I took a nice, steamy bath and when I was totally relaxed, I began playing. After turning on the vibrations – the controls are simple, one button for increasing shaft vibration and one button for increasing the rabbit vibrations – I inserted the toy. It is fairly quiet, and the vibrations are decent – not fantastic, but decent. I noticed that it took quite a bit of lube to insert this toy. Not only did it feel very large for even me, but it is pretty stiff.

The rabbit on this particular toy has a familiar function to that of other rabbit duals, but it is longer and therefore reaches farther so you can get clitoral stim without inserting the entire shaft. I found this to be much more comfortable, especially since the toy did feel very filling to me. I relaxed and experimented with the vibrations. I found that I preferred only the rabbit vibrations, not the shaft vibrations. In a short time, I climaxed.

This was certainly not the best rabbit dual I have tried, but by no means is it the worst. It did what it claims to do – delivered an orgasm. I would caution women on the size and the stiffness of this toy. If you are a woman who likes these qualities – and many do –then this is a good toy to try. So, my final review of the Peter Pearlized Rabbit Dual is that it is what it is – an imitation of the original – but it does deliver the wanted results, it just takes a little longer!

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