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Get drunk on love – lick your lover’s private parts using these edible body gels! With edible gels storming onto the scene, these gels corner the market with 3 exciting flavors – Champagne and Strawberries, Cosmopolitan and Cherry Martini!

I am always up for trying new edible products – so I was excited to try out these new gels. I settled on the Champagne and strawberry flavor and slathered a good amount onto my hubby’s tummy and penis. It is silky and smooth and not terribly sticky. I began to taste and was not impressed with the flavor at all. It tasted a bit sour to me – but it was not entirely bad. I tried the Cherry Martini and liked it a little better – but I would not say it was off the mark fantastic.

While the gels are a nice addition to oral attention, I personally did not like the taste that much. However, everyone’s tastes are different, so if you prefer a little less sweet taste – these might work for you. I was able to take my hubby to fruition – and he seemed to like the extra lubrication. So all in all, it was worth it to try these new gels. There is no alcohol in these gels, despite their cocktail names, so feel free to lick until you are drunk on love!

Let the LICKIN' Begin

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i agree i have tried these flavors and i wasnt to happy with them neither was my husband so iam glad to know i wasnt the only one but good luck to anyone else

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