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This was my first experience with vibrating pleasure balls – and I must say – it was not disappointing! I am a proponent of ben wa balls – so when these came in my latest TooTImid box I was excited to try them out! My hubby was also eager to help (he loves to play) so we settled in for a nice night under the covers.

I had already inserted the 2AA batteries and got these pleasure balls ready to go. While we were just warming up I used them on my hubby’s nipples and then balls when I gave him head. He said it was pleasurable, but not as intense as a bullet or an egg might be. When it was my turn, he slowly inserted one, then the other ball into my vagina. Then, he turned them on – a little at a time. With 4 levels of vibrations I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of the vibrations even on the lowest setting.

The balls were bouncing and jiggling around in my vagina – and really tantalizing my insides. I can not say that they were large enough to stimulate my G-Spot or to really fill me up – but it was erotic just to have them inside and they were definitely adding something to our foreplay. My hubby sensed that I was not going to cum with just the balls – so he quickly added some nice, tongue action and I came like a rocket!

Afterwards, I left one of the balls in and asked my hubby to penetrate me. I used the other ball to BANG against his BALLS – I think that the one ball inside – hitting his penis head – and the one I used on his balls really did the trick for both of us and we quickly came one after the other! Now I see where the name “Ball Bangers” come from!

I would recommend this to any couple, or woman, who just wants something a little different. I would not say that the balls are the best quality – they seem sort of cheap plastic – but they did enhance our foreplay. These balls might also be cool for anal stimulation – just make sure to wash them THOROUGLY in hot, soapy water. So, get more bang for your buck – try these pleasure balls.


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