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Non-sexual D/s dynamics?

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My partner and I have a D/s dynamic. Online for the foreseeable future. Of course there's the sexual part (he's usually directing me/making requests, and is often dominant during role-play) but there's also a non-sexual part to it.

So I'm autistic, and that comes with executive dysfunction. The mental labor required to remember to even check my to-do list takes energy away from actually doing stuff, and that's only a small part of it. So, I let partner know each morning what my tasks are, and he rewards me for completing them before the end of his shift. The reward might be a pic or praise (praise kink here!). 

Basically, we use D/s to help me with basic adulting. He says the control makes him feel powerful; he sees it as a privilege, that I'm *choosing* to give up control to *him*. On occasion he'll need me to remind him about a task he needs to do, and of course I reward him appropriately. But he's better at adulting than I am so that doesn't happen every day.

And when he gets into Dom Mode 🥵🥵🥵 

Anyone else use D/s or other kink/dynamic for non-sexual purposes? 

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