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As I may have mentioned in a recent post, I had the opportunity to sample a small amount of this silky powder in a weekend sampler kit. My hubby and I found it different and erotic - but didn't spend as much time playing with the dust as we did the other things in the kit.

Well, we remedied this when we found this tub of Kama Sutra honey dust in the bottom of my TooTimid box 'O Goodies.

I decided that I would use it on my hubby first - so we both got naked and I perched myself sexily on his tummy and tickled him a bit with the little feather that comes in the tub. He was surprised at how much he enjoyed being tickled by it - especially on his nipples. I dipped the feather into the sweet smelling pink honey dust and sprinkled it onto his chest and down to his penis. I had run out of dust by then, so I used the feather to tickle his pickle - so to speak! I ran it up and down his stiffening cock - over his balls and then back up his chest. He LOVED this. I dipped the feather back in the powder and repeated the process.

He admitted that the dust itself didn't feel like much to him - but the feather was awesome! I began to use my tongue to lick up and down where I had placed the dust. It was not bad tasting, but not great tasting. I think it could have been sweeter - but then again, if it were you might not want to keep on licking. As I licked the powder it began to get sticky - sort of like Pixie Stix powder. There is a blast from the past huh?

ANyway, the powder is very fine and does come up with just a lick of your tongue. However, you have to have some saliva to do it - so make sure you have a glass of something handy so you don't get too dry. By the time I was done licking off my hubby's erect cock, he was worked up and so was I - so I would say this product hit the mark!

I would recommend this product to any couple wanting or needing to spice things up. This is an ideal product for couples who want to ease into sexual play - or who just like things slow and romantic. It was surely another winner from Kama Sutra - and should I have been surprised? So pamper your honey with this sweet honey dust and let them reward you generously!

Pamper away.....


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