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Plump, Pink, Pleasure Plug


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The Hot Pink Pleasure Plug! Wooooowww! That is all I can say. This plug is NOT for beginners. This plug is ONLY for women or men who want their anal canal to be FULL! I am not joking or over exaggerating – this plus is a whopping 5.5” long and 1.75” wide! This pretty pink anal plug is larger than many vibrators! So, use with caution – and don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Now, I am NOT a novice to anal sex. In fact, I personally love to be full in both holes. However, when I saw this plug I thought, “oh man, that might be just a bit too big for me!” My hubby thought the same thing – but he had confidence in my abilities to take it all in – and take it in I did!

We inserted the 2AA batteries – cause this plug has the bonus feature of vibrating as well! Can you say WHOO HOO!!! Ok, so I knew I would need the lube to use with this toy so we got out the king of kings for lube as far as I am concerned – Swiss Navy lubricant. With our supplies at the ready, my hubby was ready to “prep” me for liftoff!

After a considerable amount of killer foreplay, oral sex and more orgasms than I could count – I was way ready to try this new anal toy. My hubby lubed me up well – and I mean well – and began inserting this toy. The interesting thing about this toy is, there is a firm center that is surrounded by a sort of floating jelly sleeve. So, it gives a little when it is being inserted – but stays firm enough to give a delicious pressure. The plug goes from narrow to wide to narrow – and this is a very pleasing shape for an anal plug.

To my surprise, this toy went in fairly easily – and in no time at all my hubby had me begging for a DP! He turned up the vibrations and began to insert himself into my vagina while I was in a doggy position. The plug is so large that when he entered it felt like 2 penises were inside me – only one of them was vibrating! It didn’t take more than 2 minutes and my hubby was cumming in me and I was bucking against him in my own orgasm! I was an outstanding time!

As I said, I would not recommend this toy to beginners – but advanced anal players HAVE AT IT! I think you will find this toy well worth it once you have it inserted! Always remember to play safe, clean your toys thoroughly with hot, soapy water and always use LUBE, LUBE, LUBE! Pick up this plump, pink plug and please yourself PLENTY!


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:rolleyes: I think a little birdie told me this TOY is going to be PERFECT for me. Since most of us know I LOVE anal play and the DP. It is a must try, I have looked at it a few times since I saw it on the site, but wasn't to sure if I would like it. The same thoughts I had about the John Holmes and I loved that one. Well going on my wish list to email to the hubby. Thanks Mikayla

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