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Hey all!! Happy Monday!

So, I've had more than a couple PMs from concerned members stating that there are others that are harassing, badmouthing, or continuous messaging (mostly women) members privately.

Let me be clear, we, as admins, CANNOT see/access PMs. So, if you get something like this, please copy & paste it, including the screen name of the person you feel is harassing you, & send it to an Admin such as myself. You do need to ask them to stop messaging you as well, but I'm happy to also send a PM to them requesting they stop, & if they don't,  they may possibly get banned.

Again, you must ask them to stop first. We definitely don't want people leaving because of this, but, sadly, we have lost a few because of it.

Also, if someone posts something on your profile somehow, you can delete it. We admins can't edit anything ON/IN your profile. 

We've been monitoring the reports, and deleting/banning as much as possible.  The reports haven't been as many, thankfully,  so here's hoping that means the spammers are slowing down!! :)

Let's continue to make this a fun place to share sexual thoughts, ideas, questions, and keep it a safe space for members to continue to share such personal info.

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