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This product is more then AMAZING these vibrating nipple clamps are absolutely FANTASTIC! I have always wanted to try vibrating nipple clamps. I will admit that I was extremely excited to try this product. I have heard numerous things about nipple clamps, I have heard people say they hurt, they're uncomfortable, and some say how much they love them. Well I am glad that I get to try this product myself.

I opened the package and noticed each clamp has it own bullet attached to it. At the end of the two bullets are the wires that go to the remote. Which is a multi-speed remote. I ran to get the 2AA batteries and install them into the remote. I noticed that the clamps have a soft rubber end, also at the base of the clamps there is a small screw looking object, which I knew how to be how to adjust the clamps. I turned these on to see just how POWERFUL they are before testing them out. Even on the low speed these had a lot of POWER. I then turned them all the way up; I must admit that these were the strongest vibrations I have ever felt in any vibrating product thus far. They were literally vibrating out of my hand.

I ran to my bed with them in hand to play. I began by first rubbing the bullets over my nipples to get them nice and firm. I then opened one of the clamps to put on my erect nipple, as I slowly began to adjust it at the same time, which is very easy to do. Then I placed the other clamp on my other nipple and turned the remote to HIGH, this product is not very quiet, but when it says TURBO it sure isn't kidding. The vibrations on my nipples made me instantly wet, along with keeping my nipples erect. I never experienced an orgasm with just nipple stimulation tell now. Let me be the one to tell you, this product was everything it claimed to be and more. This was my first experience with a product like this and I will tell you that these clamps will stay at the top of my toy box. I didn't find them to be painful or uncomfortable in the least. In fact I found them to be stimulating and incredible. I was truly impressed with this product.

I recommend this product to any person looking for a little extra nipple stimulation. In fact I think tonight I am going to try them out on my husband.

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Hey Kat,

I have some nipple clamps and I love them! However, these look kind of heavy....do you have to have the clamp very tight to keep them on? What about that separate remote thing, does that detract from the playing>



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No you don't have to have the clamp tight at all to keep them on. The remote thing sure didn't distract me from playing. I was having way to much fun with these. They look heavy but the really weren't that heavy to me.

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