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Swallowing it, Tasting it. Playing with it.

Holy shit.

I would expect way more words spent on swallowing, tasting, and playing with urine ("golden showers," etc). But semen (or vaginal juices) is THE CINERAMIC focal point of oral sex. Should I? Shouldn't I? I fuckin love it. Eww, I fuckin hate it. That salty viscous discharge that, although biologically meant for reproduction, is appropriated for many separate values (emotional intimacy, physical satisfaction, erotic symbolism). The "stuff" itself and cultural values assigned to it.

Is there a body fluid that commands as much debate and speculation? Blood, maybe? Is cum on a woman's (or man's) face demeaning? Are "pearl necklaces" by their very name preferable. And none of this touches on semen ejaculated into/onto nonhuman objects (clothing, food, etc). 

There's more debate over semen than about who should be voted into political office.

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Facials are sexy as heck! Ask my wife. In college she made good money letting guys do it. I wish she still had the pictures to show. 

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