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Why not triple your fun? As most already know I am a huge bullet (egg) fan. I was excited to find this in my latest box. Three bullets one control, what more could I ask for?

I went to get the batteries; this product takes 2AA batteries (not included). Once I opened the package I noticed how smooth they were with a satin type feel. One of the bullets is fairly small, the 2nd is a little bigger, and finally the 3rd bullet is not much longer then the second but a little wider. I thought to myself, WOW I can have clitoral stimulation along with anal and vaginal. I noticed at the top of the multi-speed control there is a little black switch. I first turned the dial on the control and only the small bullet started to vibrate, so I then moved the black switch over, 2 bullets began to vibrate, I moved the switch back into its original position and all 3 bullets were vibrating. This product is actually pretty quiet considering there are 3 bullets vibrating. I originally thought that the strength of the vibrations wouldn’t be that strong, boy was I wrong.

I ran to my bed excited to try this product. I began with the smallest bullet, allowing it to vibrate my clit, I was instantly aroused. I then lube the middle size bullet, and slowly inserted it into my anus. The insertion of this was easy and smooth; this bullet is not to large or long for anal play. I was already beyond excitement. I then took the last and widest bullet, lube it and inserted it, into my already extremely wet vagina. I could feel every one of the vibrations. I will admit playing with this toy sure didn’t take long before I was having multiply orgasms.

I am still very excited about this product. I can’t wait tell my husband gets home and we can play with it together. I will let you know that I did mark the wire on the bullet I used for anal play, since you don’t want to take a toy used for anal play and insert it back into your vagina even though you have properly cleaned it. I recommend this product to anyone looking for that extra excitement.

Spice up your life with a little triple fun!

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Sounds like a lot of fun!

Great reminder about anal/vaginal cleanliness as well.

Sounds like you were sitting pretty in your pink, X3!

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