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So, as I pull out the Vibrating Ring out of it’s novelty-seeming box, I will admit to being extremely skeptical. The package that the ring is in is similar to a condom wrapper, ensuring that the ring won’t dry out. I noticed on the box that there are 4 different little “critters” on the top to stimulate the clit. It also has a picture diagram on it, showing how to use it.

The one I got had a little mouse, proudly holding is raging little hard-on. I laughed at the irony and humor of it. On the box, it also states that you can change batteries with a different ring, so if one dies on you, you can just switch, which is handy.

As I am looking at this, I am wondering if this item is going to break, since my husband is larger than average. Plus, we use condoms as part of our birth control regimen, so I was wondering exactly HOW this would work. Well, we weren’t disappointed at all.

The vibes were surprisingly strong for such a small battery. I slid the condom on my hubby, and lubed the ring up, just a bit, so it wouldn’t catch on the condom, but yet stay on. The jelly ring stretched quite a bit. It slid on with no problems, and stayed on.

Let me just say that this little mouse delivers quite the clit stimulation, and even my skeptical hubby was quite impressed with the vibes. The mouse definitely tickled my fancy! I felt the vibes with each thrust very much. I climaxed 2 times in a very short amount of time. My hubby was unable to control himself, and came rather quickly too.

So, you see, safe sex still can still have fun toys added in with it!

I would definitely recommend these little cuties.


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Hi All,

I think it's only fair to comment on Tyger's review by emphasising how good these vibrating rings are in CAT position.

Really - it's the best for obtaining that constant stimulation fo her.



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We did it with me on top, and also him on top, and both were very pleasurable. I should've mentioned that. :P

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Tyger Great review. I was very skeptical to when it came to vibrating cock rings with clitoral stimulation. THis just goes to show that they a developing products better everyday. I must admit though it looks kinda cute. :lol: I might have to add this one to my wish list I have the clit buddy I did a review on but this one sounds and looks like alot of fun to.

THank Tyger!!!

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