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Asian Have A Great Method To Cleanliness

Kinky Twinkie

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My wife is filipino and they are very much into cleaning themselves. In fact we shave each other and this just helps to keep the areas cleaning for oral and rimming.

While we are used to tolet paper in america, they use what is called a tabo which is just a small plastic pot with a handle which they use to take water from the facet or a bucket and they wash the front and the back. I been playing with it and of course I have gotten water all over the place until I learned how to get it on target. talk about feeling clean and going down on some one who is really clean, it is one thing we can all learn from. For me I a combination of shaving, using tolet paper, enema and using the tabo keeps me sqeeky clean and it makes oral so very much enjoyable.


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It's always interesting to see how other countries have different hygiene practices. That kind of sounds like a manual beday (sp), like they have in Canada. First time I saw one of those, I was like... :blink: Thanks for sharing that.

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