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A Hubby With Toys Brag!


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Well, last night, my husband made it VERY clear he wanted to "get him some", so we took a long, hot shower together. Since I was sore from my fall, and from being sick, I decided to lay back and enjoy, with minimal effort, and he seemed to be all for that!

So, after a while, with lots of petting and oral, we go into the bedroom, I lay down, he eats me out a bit more, then gets into my little vanity top drawer, where I keep my fav small toys and the condoms. He asks where all the other toys are like the "big momma one" (I had discussed my remote bunny one the other night with a friend, and I guess I piqued his interest!!). I told him the Big Box (under the vanity). So, he digs it out, and I find the remote. He plays with me with that for a while, stirring my juices, then I get a great idea! We put the bunny away, and I get out my Glass Swirl dildo. I love that thing!! And I also get out the clit tickler on a bullet, that came with one of my sets.

He brought me to orgasm with my glass dildo. I loved the cold feel of the dildo when it went in, and loved to feel how it slowly warmed up to me. It was great!! He loved seeing it, and hearing my juices flowing!

Then, I grabbed his Pocket Pal, and after naming her Sandra (he loves Sandra Bullock), lubed her up, and pumped away on his hard cock. At first, he was a bit apprehensive, since I'd never done that to him before~he wouldn't let me~and that he didn't want to not be able to have sex with me later. I told him not to worry, that I had the utmost confidence in him.

We brought each other to orgasm. I love being a woman, cuz I got mine twice!! :P

Then, I told him to play with me with the dildo, while he rested, and got excited again. I also brought out the clit tickler, and made myself cum for him twice. I wanted to show him how I excited myself, and he seemed to really like that show!

Needless to say, we were also able to make love as well, and it was wonderfull!!!!

I had to brag, since, as most of you remember, he is very shy when it comes to toys. Plus he is of the thinking that we shouldn't NEED toys (which I calmly explain to him how they ENHANCE, not REPLACE sex with him) He knows I get them, use them, and review them. But he's still kinda shy. I was very proud of him for going to the Big Box all by himself, and choosing what he wanted to use on me first. I was exceptionally proud of him for allowing me to use Sandra on him as well. It was just a very satisfying night all around!!!

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Hey Tyger, watch out you might end up having to call the TOY POLICE on your huby to one day!!!! LIke I had to do mine, you are going to wake up one morning and find one of your bullets missing. :lol: WHen you do send me a PM I have the direct 711 number to the toy police and know a great detectives to since I had to call them already once.

I think it is wonderful that your husband is coming more and more out of his shell, sort of speak.

Sorry I so couldn't resist!! Great post and thanks for sharing with us!!!

Take care!

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Security measures are already in place. Video survelance, alarms system on The Big Box, and it's...........BOOBY TRAPPED!!!!

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We had nookie again 2 nights ago, and hubby asked if I wanted to use any toys that night. But, to make him not be intimidated by the toys, I passed. But again, I was proud of him for asking!! Slow & steady progress.

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