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Magic Dolphin

Where do I begin?

This product, for being so small, is quite versatile!

I've tried similar products and I really do enjoy them. They're great for alone time AND for use with your partner.

But the Magic Dolphin adds a little more. In that, I mean EVERYTHING on this vibrates! The nose (most important, for clitoral stimulation), the fins, the tail AND the dorsal! Which for me, meant a great toy to add some excitement to the bedroom. Not only are you getting vibrations on your clit, the fins are providing it to the lips as well, bringing quick, blissful orgasms!

Also, because it provides stimulation all around, it was not only great for foreplay, but for use during intercourse as well. It fit very well between us and we both found it arousing!

Another thought was to try it as an anal stimulator during oral sex! And, because I had purchased the magic Bunny prior to getting the Magic Dolphin, we were able to simultaneously use each toy on each other for some great mutual oral. Talk about FUN!

So, you can see what I meant by being versatile. A toy that's great for beginners and novices alike.


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